APOC Store: the website putting power back in the hands of emerging designers

If you're a fashion lover, you need to be following APOC

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unparalleled crisis for small business around the world, especially for those in art and design. Areas that can be precarious at the best of times have been plunged into uncertainty - emerging designers, artists and creatives are left to struggle in the face of a looming recession, with many feeling powerless to find a way out.

New ways of navigating the creative industries have found their way to the forefront since the beginning of the pandemic, and for fashion designers, a new online storefront is aiming to restore their agency and power to market themselves.

APOC Store is an online platform that curates and sources pieces from progressive emerging designers around the world. Working closely with the designers and their unique processes, APOC offers one-off creations and repurposed styles, offering a more sustainable and mindful approach to shopping new design. It also states on its website that "APOC STORE is committed to paying our designers and artists a fairer commission and helping them to grow sustainably within their means."

APOC offers young designers a chance to bypass the failing churn of mass production and show their creations to the world in a way that benefits them and their career. At APOC, there are no wholesale buyers, no order minimums, no factory sourcing; none of the tiresome and often expensive processes that can make or break a young designer. APOC's marketplace-style platform places the power back in the hands of the designers; each one chosen to sell on the site has free reign on which items they show, and APOC will help with shipping and customer service.


The platform is home to some fantastic young designers and artists, selling clothing and accessories for both men and women, as well standalone artworks. Browsing through the minimalist layout of APOC, you can view Sun Woo's structural dresses and seperates; Adam Jones' nostalgic upcycled vests; or Kepler's visually stunning knitwear. If you're a fashion lover, or just want to support small businesses and creatives, APOC is where you need to be.

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