This Alexa Chung outfit is a nineties nostalgia masterpiece

Alexa Chung's latest outfit has made my heart go all aflutter. Here is why it is what dreams are made of and where you can buy it

Today when you hear the name 'Alexa' it's usually when you are forcing the Amazon robot to sing for you or have a conversation with you while you are feeling lonely in the kitchen. However, before her, there was another Alexa.

She didn't sing, nor did she show up in your kitchen for small talk but she could serve up fashion looks better than anyone.

Alexa Chung has been on the best-dressed list of everyone at some point in their lives. Her sartorial talent lies in making items which should never work in theory actually work in execution. She was the ultimate 'it' girl before the world of influencers and social media and she still continues to exude an almost unreachable level of cool.


Her new Netflix show Next in Fashion (presented alongside Tan France) will premiere on January 29 and in preparation for the premiere she was has been gifting us pictures of some of her upcoming looks on the show. One which caught my hawk eyes was a truly Clueless and Empire Records inspired blue ensemble which I think I might just start dreaming about.

Dressed in a vintage Gianni Versace light blue fluffy mohair cropped top and metallic skirt, it's the type of outfit every nineties girl wanted to wear. From the flicked-out hair to the strappy heels, it is nostalgic perfection without the overkill.



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It's also good for the current climate. Firstly, it's vintage which means it's good for everything. Her caption says "appreciating vintage is futuristic" and if the future looks like this outfit, I will be overwhelmingly content.

Secondly, with the world now spinning solely on the fuel of bad stories, the brightness and lightness of the outfit are very much welcome. People say fashion is a fickle game but every once in a while it makes you stop and smile and think a little bit better about the world.


While it is impossible to find an exact replica of the vintage ensemble, there are similar versions of the outfit below to help you create your own version of an outfit that has most definitely brightened my week.

Where to buy

ASOS Design square neck fluffy jumper with short sleeve, €35.95 at Asos

The Mighty Company Ripon metallic coated suede mini skirt, €267.81 at Net A Porter


Radiant Black mid metal heels, €49 at Topshop

ASOS Design fluffy jumper with volume sleeves, €41.48 at Asos

Silver PU mini skirt, €34 at Topshop

Leather high-heel sandals with square toes, €69.96 at Zara


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