Abercrombie & Fitch To Ditch Shirtless Staff

In a move that will send a pang through all former noughties teens? hearts, Abercrombie & Fitch is to abandon its practice of shirtless store assistants, sorry, we meant models.

Company executives hinted at rumours of such a move in recent months and in recent days the company has confirmed that buff young men on the store threshold will become something of a retail legend. The same new rule will also apply to Hollister staff. This kind of 'sexualized marketing? as the company itself describes it, will cease to be by July's end.

So, prepare to say fare thee well to ads like this, which starred out very own Jamie Dornan.

Fashionista reports that shirtless men won't just be absent from the shops, but also from the bags. The store's appearance inside will also undergo changes with lighting, smell and soundtrack due a makeunder. However, advertisements for the brands Fierce fragrance will keep the almost naked models because that's the industry standard.


Plans for future marketing campaigns promise something a little bit more relaxed and a little less groomed frat boy who models while not playing sports.

How do you feel about these future changes? Will you miss all those sexy paper bags? We're just delighted the boys on Dame Street won't be freezing their nipples off.


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