Saturday Review

We reached peak beard and peak sunshine this week, with the armies of hairy-faced men pouring forth onto the varioius cricket pitches, canals, and Grogans to suck up the fleeting rays, confirming that indeed, the summer is officially here and that yes, some men officially have to take a good hard look at themselves with trimmers in hand. The week also saw two birthdays of Britain's best-loved fashion icons, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson, making them both Taurus (an excellent zodiac sign- solid and hard-working). The unprecedented nice weather, along with the short week, had us in a bit of a silly mood, so when we found out that Daniel Craig was moving to Dalkey, we went fairly gaga, and from the looks of it you all did the same, too.

So whether you're nursing a meltybrain, or gathering the familial troops for some Easter nosh (in which case, allow us to suggest Slice in Stoneybatter), here's a little look at the pieces from the week that you found most enjoyable...

Daniel Craig, Dalkey Local

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Beard Peak


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