Banksy's Dismaland Opens Tomorrow And Here's What To Expect

By now you've probably seen reference to anonymous artist Banksy's incredible new work of art, Dismaland. Lips remained tightly sealed on exactly what was happening in the surroundings of the derelict Tropicana swimming pool in Somerset,?UK. Well now his latest project is ready to be enjoyed, though we use the term 'enjoy' lightly. This theme park is the antithesis of your childhood memories of Disney and various cartoon stories, in fact we doubt if anyone would take their kids at all, such will be the nightmarish side-effects on the under 5s.

Testament to Banksy's skill at subversive, intelligent art and pushing boundaries like nobody else, this theme park is said to play out as a commentary on our obsession with popular culture, fame and everything that goes with it. Here, Banksy goes beyond what is considered normal, distorting the imagery we've been consuming for years on end, and though we've yet to pay it a visit (flights, anyone?) judging by the imagery alone, this is one insanely cool masterpiece.

Those expecting delightful, fanciful displays be warned; this is dark and disturbingly graphic, but of course that's the point. Whatever you might expect to find in a theme park has been utterly upturned but more than any other theme park in existence, this one will no doubt leave a memorable impression. Banksy's even created a display that reminds viewers of Princess Diana's tragic death, in which a princess and her horses have been killed while photographers simply stand there flashing lights at the scene without any members of the paparazzi thinking to help.

Mashable were among the first guests welcomed into the theme park and their video footage will certainly give fans a teaser of what to expect.

It opens tomorrow and runs until September 27th. A once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that we'd jump at the chance to enjoy/cry ourselves to sleep after we've been there. What ever will this creative genius turn his hand to next?


Inside the fairytale castle

The creepiest dodgems ever

Not your average fairground ride

If this sounds like your ideal way to spend a Saturday, you'll find everything from location to ticket prices over yonder.?


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