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From Netflix-bingeing to fashion labels: Ruthy Ruby tells us her favourite things

by Edaein OConnell
23rd Feb 2020

We are naturally nosy and want to know exactly what Ireland’s most-loved personalities are lusting over. This week, we’re chatting with Ruth Walsh (AKA Ruthy Ruby)

It’s not often you come across someone on Instagram who is truly unapologetically themselves. But, we recently did.

Ruth Walsh – AKA Ruthy Ruby – is a free spirit. Her Instagram page is an inspirationally artistic treasure trove of fashion, beauty and art. Having spent a year in the bright lights of New York City, she has returned to Ireland and is showing her almost-11,000 followers Dublin through a new lens.

Individual, eclectic and stylish, we wanted to know about all of her favourite things from books to Instagram accounts to self-care rituals. It’s time to start taking notes.

The Netflix series I’m binging…

I’m not binging a series but I can’t stop watching Call Me By Your Name. I’m very soothed every time I put it on and I have the playlist blaring every day.

The book I read again and again…

Perfume by Patrick Suskind. Pick this up if you want to get lost in the most interesting story of a killer with a penchant for smell.

The podcast I’m digging…

I haven’t got there with podcasts yet, they just aren’t really my thing. I have a list of recommendations the length of my arm but I’m just not there. However, I recently featured on the itgalz podcast where we discussed emigration, dating and my journey in life which I really enjoyed.

I’m really into music, though. I share a lot of what I love in my music highlights on Instagram and I put up a link to my Spotify every so often. It’s how I escape every day and just take a step back sometimes.

The Instagram account I’m stalking…

I’m really into following artists and curated art accounts as well as eclectic interiors pages (because I just moved house and I love getting lost and inspired by these types of pages). I love, love, love vintage accounts that pull together icons of the past and any sort of Instagram dedicated to love vibrations. There is this French Instagram page that publishes iMessages that I love to get lost in – some are erotic, others are just full of beautiful words you wish you would get in a text.

In terms of fashion bloggers, it’s hard for me to list them out, everyone I follow inspires me in one way or another. Like, I could see the way someone is holding themselves and be inspired or how someone has their jeans styled, anything and everything shared with passion gets me.


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The fashion label I’m feeling…

A brand I have been wearing since I could shop online, and still a favourite, is ASOS. I also love the simplicity of Brandy Melville since I found them in New York. I got really into thrifting when I lived in New York last year. I’m very drawn to that 1990s/1970s/1960s, Parisian, sexy, chic style where you can leave the house in the morning layered up and as the day goes on, you can drop stuff off and be in something really beautiful. Dawn to dusk fashion. A very modern fashionista way of dressing.

The homewares brand/shop I’m loving…

Vintage and antique shops. You’ll find me in them all, lost in a daydream, wandering around.

The gift I buy for everyone…

I don’t have a set thing that I buy. I try to get something really meaningful or funny for people. It was one of my friend’s birthdays recently and I got her a book of Gaelic Irish phrases in a vintage bookshop and sent it over to New York because I knew it would make her laugh. I sort of hate generic presents unless the person loves them.

The holiday I’m booking…

I just booked a trip to Paris with my mum and I have a trip to Barcelona to book with my girlfriends. I am going to try and get back to NYC before the end of the year to see all my stateside angels, to feel that energy again and bring some more of it home.

The fashion piece I’m saving up for…

I don’t have anything on my list at the moment; I’m pretty happy with everything I’ve collected the past year but I am eyeing up the Jaden Dr Martens and I just got the beautiful black platform Converse. I can’t wait to wear both with sexy summer dresses that fall off your shoulders, bare legs, natural hair, a cute little shoulder bag full of lip balm and mini perfume. That’s my summer 2020 style vision.

Dr Martens Jadon Flatform chunky boots, €233.64 at ASOS–

The self-care ritual I swear by…

Everything you can imagine I do for self-care, I do.

Candles, playing my favourite music, writing, practising mindfulness (you’d be pleasantly surprised how effective this is for grounding you). I read this article recently about how self-care, as broad as it is, can be simply just not texting someone back or replying to them.

We are bombarded with so many social apps that we feel like we need to get back to everyone and it can be quite stressful. For example, me to my friends abroad via voice note: ‘So sorry it took me so long to reply.’ But, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to reply all the time to everyone. Be mysterious and old-school – and F them if they need a (fast) reply.

I also love to detach myself from things that irritate me. It seems obvious but if you practice this you can really cut through a lot of bullsh*t and just stay focused on what really matters to you.

Follow Ruth’s beautifully eclectic life on Instagram at @ruthyruby.

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