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Accounts to follow for homemade giftspiration and Christmas décor ideas

By Sarah Finnan
26th Nov 2023


Accounts to follow for homemade giftspiration and Christmas décor ideas

Wondering where to look for some festive inspiration this year? The Instagram algorithm has us all figured out and we've discovered some beautiful Christmas-themed accounts as a result.

Some of you may recognise Kat outside  her Instagram and that’s because she’s a former Home of the Year contestant. Her creative eye extends beyond just interiors though and her social media is filled with nifty activities you can do with the kids. This elf on the shelf spy cam is super easy to make and will definitely help to keep the little ones on their best behaviour as the big day approaches… so, double win.


Homemade decorations make for beautiful gifts. Not only are they completely unique, but you can also personalise each one depending on who it’s for too. All you need for these macrame ornaments is macrame cord, a few wooden rings/balls, a comb, and a pair of scissors. Easy to make but utterly professional looking.


This one is probably for the more seasoned crafters amongst you as it calls for a Cricut machine, which is used to cut pieces of wood and other thick materials. These machines vary in price depending on what style/model you go for but they usually come in around the €150 mark. If you’d still like to give this gingerbread-esque village a go, but don’t fancy forking out for a Cricut, you could try making it from paper or thicker card instead.


Based over in Australia, Chantel Mila is a mum of two with a passion for styling, organising, and cleaning. A firm believer in the “work smarter not harder” mentality, she’s fond of a good hack and often shares the best ones she’s come across with followers over on her Instagram page.  Her tips on wrapping are especially good and this how-to video will definitely come in very handy in the next few weeks.


If crafting isn’t your thing, baking might be and who doesn’t love freshly-made cookies? Tieghan Gerard is the woman behind the Half-baked Harvest Instagram account and her feed is a delight to look at. Don’t go there on an empty stomach though, because it will only give you food envy. These vanilla bean Christmas tree cookies are fun, festive, and extremely delicious.


A treasure trove of giftspiration and decorating ideas, Dekor Home Dekor covers all bases when it comes to the festive season. Resharing some of the best tutorials from other crafters, you’ll find videos showing you how to make your own pinecone Christmas trees, how to tie the perfect bow, and even how to create your own custom tablescape piece.


Anyone who has ever wandered around a Christmas market will be familiar with the beautiful star lanterns that many vendors often sell. Well, what if I told you that you could actually make your own? No, really! And it’s much easier than you’d think too… or artist Maarit Hänninen makes it look easy at least.


Paper snowflakes always remind me of my youth and pre-Christmas art classes when I was just a tot. Every year I’d arrive home with an armful of badly-cut creations as “presents” for my parents – if they were ungrateful, they never showed it, and said creations were always proudly displayed around the house for all to see. Revisit the childhood classic with this how-to.


Though we love candles year-round, they become all the more magical at Christmas time, when the gently flickering flames help to create that cosy, hygge feeling the Danish speak so highly of. These festively-adorned versions make for very fun gifts and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make either. Add them to stockings, Kris Kindle gifts or use them around your own house for some atmosphere.


Cinnamon is one of the resounding smells of Christmas for me and I love flooding my house with the gorgeous scent all throughout the festive season. These super-simple ornaments take no time to make and require very few materials so you could easily put a few together while simultaneously detangling the fairy lights and heating the mulled wine.