Your chance to shadow Ireland’s best business leaders, at the Image Business Summit

As time ticks down to the inaugural IMAGE Business Summit, we deep dive into the content and guest speakers gathered to share insights and perspective on a breadth of business issues.

As an intern, it’s no problem to shadow successful business leaders. However, as one works their way up the career ladder, the chance to peek into someone else’s agenda, way of working and circle of influence gets rarer to access. The IMAGE Business Summit, in partnership with PwC, offers just that, and we are hugely grateful to Irish business leaders like Voafone CEO Anne O’Leary and Voxpro founders Linda and Dan Kiely for giving us such illuminating, candid interviews. We get to hear the real story behind their successes, and how the graph certainly doesn’t always climb in an upward trajectory. Best of all, we learn where and how true business grit comes to the fore, and how both women have worked hard to pave away for future generations of women in business.

From a more global perspective, keynotes from Irish-born, US-based tech maven Dr Anita Sands, and anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller offer fascinating insight into the wider-arching landscape in which we live. Taking in macro and micro in her presentation, Anita Sands addresses a very direct, four-point plan to identify and build resilience, both within ourselves as well as our teams, to lay solid foundations as we head in to 2021.

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Our working lives have been transformed this year by a tsunami of change, and we examine various elements of this throughout the IMAGE Business Summit, from our actual ways of working, and how to make the virtual ‘office’ a more meaningful space; to examining the power of effective communication in all its many forms.

We meet Ireland’s high-profile entrepreneurs and catch up with how they have navigated through 2020, and are hugely grateful to hotelier John Brennan, Tour America founder Mary McKenna and Woodies CEO Declan Ronayne for their candid insights, and to broadcaster Richard Curran for moderating such an insightful discussion of our times.

Additionally, our mentoring masterclass with presenter mentor Rowan Manahan will unpack the new skills, mindset, tips and tone to harness in order to bring your presentation skills from average to excellent; delivered in a way that’s guaranteed to stick.

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The IMAGE Business Summit goes live tomorrow, Wednesday, 18 November and carries through Thursday, 19 November. Beamed straight in to your laptop or phone, each session is produced to highest standards, and without time-wasting padding. As 2020 draws to an end, we believe it’s the perfect panacea to all the discombobulation that’s gone ahead; a chance to straighten the lines, rationalise the agenda and bring some order and mission to what’s ahead.

You can join us at any stage, for one, some or all the sessions for the all-in price of €69. What’s more, recordings of all sessions will be made available to you to view again, or on-demand.

We’d love to see you there!


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