Want A Plumper Pout?

We're used to seeing celebrities going to any amounts of ridiculous lengths to achieve a plumped up pout. The most recent one that comes to mind is the stupidly dangerous #KylieKennerChallenge. Fans eager to try to achieve Jenner's full lips used a 'lip-sucking' tool - or the suction of a small bottle - to plump up their lips in a bid to achieve the star's famously full pout. (We'd all have fuller lips if we got lip injections though).

Those taking part in the 'challenge' would leave the tool or bottle on their lips for around five minutes, or until it hurt too much, then take selfies of their mouths and the painful results, in which their lips were bruised and cut. The reality star was then forced to admit she had lip injections, which everyone knew anyway.

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However, two more female celebrities are determined to achieve a plump pout, but in a safer manner using what we think are rather cute lip filler masks. Just a few days ago, actress Jessica Alba put up this picture of herself rocking the mask:


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The collagen lip masks are popular at the moment with superstar Lady Gaga setting the trend and explaining why she loved using them: ?I do a series of plant stem cell masks and collagen lip jelly mask. Good for hydration and plumping with no cuts or silly bruising!" she said on Instagram.

We like the sound of the masks; they look very cute and are used as anti-ageing lip treatments to restore fullness with heavy hydration. The cooling collagen-infused sheets moisturise the lips, reducing the look of lines and tightening the skin around the area. Sounds good to us. The bad news? They are currently only available in Aisa at the moment, but we're hoping it won't be too long until a variation of them becomes available here.

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Would you give these funky lip masks a go?



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