Totes amaze: 5 make-up bags that best showcase your collection

What's the good in having a stunning make-up collection that you can whip out on the go, without having an equally lovely make-up bag to carry it around in? Here are some cute (and practical) options that I love...

Whether you're an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink kind of make-up lover, or you just want to tote the essentials, you'll find something you're into here. As an aside, if anyone reading this happens to be buying me a gift soon... *cough* Stella McCartney.

The classic

makeup bag


Smythson of Bond St red make-up bag

€255 from

Is it bad that I want a make-up bag to match my fancy stationery? I didn't even know Smythson did cosmetics bags, but now that I do... Added to the wishlist. Red is such a statement colour, but if you're brave enough, this one is classic and elegant.

Clear and colourful

makeup bag

Unicorn clear make-up bag

€6 from Tiger Stores


I love being able to see into my make-up bag, because quite often my tiny eye liner stubs are lost somewhere in the bottom. The handle on this is handy (could we use this as a clutch? Possibly) and the double zip means the entire lid comes off for maximum surface area searchability.

The no-leather option

makeup bag

Stella McCartney faux leather-trimmed laser-cut make-up bag

€235 at

For anyone who doesn't opt for leather anymore, this is the coolest vegan option on the entire internet, I reckon. Another clear one - I really do love a see-through bag - this one probably wouldn't fit your entire collection, but who cares? It's deserving of a place on the list nonetheless.

The sassy one


makeup bag

This is the life make-up bag

€11, from Paperchase

The double section on this is the dream - all your lip liners, small brushes and pencils can be separate and therefore easier to find, and the larger section can be reserved for the bigger bits and pieces. This one is also great because you can easily wipe it down should you have any unfortunate (and heartbreaking) foundation spills.

The girly one

makeup bag

Barbie make-up bag


€8 from Penneys

This one is for anyone who was obsessed with dressing up their Barbie as a kid - and truth be told, for me, Barbie was the first chick I ever saw who wore make-up. This one is such a welcome throwback, and hello - clear for handiness too. This would work equally well for make-up or for toiletries for a holiday.

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