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One of the greatest myths that never seems to go away when people discuss skincare is the idea that your skin can become ?used? to a particular skincare regime or singular product, thus negating it's efficacy. But there is something you need to know; this myth is a load of codswallop. Your skin does not grow tired of ingredients; what you may be noticing when you think you see a difference is that your actual skin is changing. Our skin is sensitive, and grows even more so as we age. It reacts to the seasons, stress, diet and drama.

The bottom line is that your skin won't become immune to a given regime, it may simply be that it is no longer treating your changing skin concerns.

The single most important thing with skincare is whether or not it is a correct match for your individual needs and concerns. Serious anti-aging products will not show any great effects on the under-thirties - sorry, but it's true. Similarly, the ?I only use olive oil? brigade won't be left lineless post fifty. They'll be soft and moisturized, but not lineless.

You have to get it right for you, whether by trial and error over time (valuable ant-aging time, not recommended!) or by advice. One of the best things I ever did for my skin, and I suffered adult acne at age 30, was to put my pelt into the hands of the experts. I visited several skincare professionals, I had micro-dermabrasion, glycolic peels, natural, organic facials and I ramped up my regime to include some serious cosmeceuticals and quizzed (relentlessly) all the skincare people I met through my work determined to find out the most accessible and reasonable options for attaining good, strong, healthy skin.

So, the things I've learned throughout this time are?

  1. You need to use serum. Find one with hyaluronic acid (the ultimate moisture magnet) and use it daily. SkinCeuticals B5 Gel is one of the best.
  2. La Roche Posay Thermal water is one of my eternal essentials. My skin loves and craves it - I never put water on my face anymore.
  3. Omega oil supplements hydrate from the inside out. Expect soft, silky skin even prior to putting on creams.
  4. Glycolic peels when done professionally and in the right strength so as not to be too aggressive are supreme skin saviours. They help skin to renew at a gentle yet effective pace, thus ridding the need for scrape-y scrubs.
  5. SPF, SPF, SPF. At all times. There is no greater anti-ager.


By Ellie Balfe @elliebalfe

Ellie won the Johnson & Johnson Best New Beauty Journalist UK & Ireland 2013. With 18 years of makeup artistry behind her too, she knows a thing or two about beauty. She's also the editor of and has an obsession with Breton stripes and red lipstick.

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