Tan Thursday: The Expert Tricks To Making Your Tan Look Better And Last Longer

Tanning Thursday is upon us again! Women all over the country are prepping their skin for the weekend ahead, and considering it’s International Women’s Week, there’s a lot to celebrate! No matter what brand of tan you use, there are a number of ways to ensure it lasts the whole weekend long. After all, there’s no point applying it only to have it fade the following day. We asked two of Ireland’s leading tanning professionals (and nominees in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards) for advice on how to get the longest wear out of our tan. Here’s what they said:

“Prep and preserve!” says Lynn Byrne at Mimi’s Beauty Room. “Exfoliate and moisturise the entire body every day leading up to the tan. After your tan has developed, have a light shower to remove any excess tan, and then continue to moisturise every day to maintain the results. Avoid using any exfoliating products for a few days until you want to remove the tan.”

Olivia Foley at Allure Beauty adds, “The better prepared your skin is the better your tan will wear off. Make sure all of your old tan is worn off before a new application. Keep moisturising after your guide colour has washed off – but avoid moisturisers that contain AHAs as these will exfoliate your skin quicker.” Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as citric acid or hyaluronic acid, remove dead skin cells to reveal the youthful skin underneath, but by doing so, they can strip your tan off and leave you with patchy results.

According to our experts, hair removal should never be done on the same day as tan application. “Waxing and shaving should be done a few days before,” says Lynn. “Our skin can be very raw and sensitive following any form of hair removal; we need to let our skin heal before applying tan in order to get the best and safest results.”


Once your tan is applied, Olivia says to be very cautious of waxing or shaving. “Waxing after your tan application is a definite no-no, as it will remove your tan and leave it patchy. If you need to shave a couple of days after your tan, do so very lightly and with a new razor.”

Lynn Byrne and Olivia Foley are both nominated for Best Tanning Professional in the IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards. To vote, click the button below:

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