New Product Alert: Will Kiehl's Cream Deliver More Youthful Skin In Just 4 Weeks?

We've long been a fan of Kiehl's skincare and their latest offering is sure to be a hit with longstanding fans and newcomers to the brand. Their Super Multi-Corrective Cream promises to reduce certain key signs of ageing after just two weeks of use. With the lightest of natural scents, this cream is clinically demonstrated to simultaneously lift, firm, visibly redefine skin contours and re-texturise skin in just a fortnight with double efficacy shown within four weeks. It's a mighty big claim to make but with 39 clinical trials and 17 months of development, they've certainly done their research on this one.

By use of their cutting edge formula and proprietary tri-active technology, Kiehl's reckons they can achieve the swiftest of corrections with this cream. What's more their highly coveted cream now boasts an SPF of 30. Contained within the tri-active technology, you'll find three potent anti-ageing powerhouse ingredients. Firstly, you've got Jasmonic Acid; a highly effective yet very mild ingredient known for its ability to support epidermal renewal and help to visibly correct wrinkles, fine lines, loss of suppleness and elasticity while gently smoothing and retexturising the skin's surface. Add to this Beech Tree Extract (improving skin firmness, plumpness an density) and Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid which is hailed for its short and longterm moisturisation properties, and you've got one hell of a formula.

These three ingredients combine to make a harder working, multi-tasking solution, improving the multiple concerns of ageing in one fell swoop.

From the Kiehl's chemists themselves - "We aimed to develop a Super Cream that showed improvements on multiple signs of aging. Therefore, it was important to test the formula's behaviour on subjects with skin demonstrating nearly all signs of aging, not just one or two signs," explains Dr Genesky. "These clinical results showed the product can perform on not one or two but most signs of aging, ensuring its efficacy for a broad aging customer base."


Come back to us in four weeks and we'll give you our anti-ageing verdict.


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