YouTube star Nadine Baggott opens up about skincare and beauty myths

Nadine Baggott is a beauty editor turned YouTube star who says age is no barrier to looking and feeling great. On Saturday 16th June, she’ll join IMAGE contributing editor Melanie Morris to share her ultimate beauty and skincare techniques.

The event, which takes place in Boots, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, promises to be lively and information-packed. Nadine will discuss her favourite products (focusing mainly on the face and neck) while also providing you with all the ammunition you need to create the best beauty looks for summer. But first, Nadine sat down with to answer some of your burning beauty questions.

Why did you set up your YouTube channel?

Simply because no one else out there was creating the sort of content that I wanted to create. As a journalist and TV presenter of nearly 30 years, I want to create concise, informative beauty advice and product recommendations for people of all ages. From how to blow-dry your hair in five minutes, to treating body breakouts and acne; as well as what products work and which ones don’t. I want to explain all of the jargon and science behind beauty in a fun and entertaining way. My channel is everything I've learned about beauty over 30 years, in video soundbites.

What's the biggest beauty myth you've heard?


I have two: 'skincare doesn’t really work' and 'you can drink water to hydrate your skin’. 

What's the best beauty advice you have ever received?

‘Take your SPF down on to your chest every day." I just didn’t follow it... so bring on the retinol and laser treatments. Argh.

Apart from SPF, what’s the one thing that everyone should have in their skincare routine?

Don’t make me choose between an antioxidant and a retinol... but I would say, for all skin types, it has to be an antioxidant serum to protect from pollution, sunlight, stress, and the general wear and tear of the day.

Nadine Baggott will join IMAGE contributing editor Melanie Morris to chat about all things skincare on Saturday, 16th June. Sign up for her Beauty at Boots event for an informative discussion on the best products to use on your face and neck.

Places are limited, register your attendance today.


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