Katy Perry's Beauty Secrets

In an exclusive interview with Byrdie, the bubblegum pink themed pop princess that is Katy Perry divulged her beauty secrets. As music to our ears, Katy has just the same amount of complaints and irritations as us mere mortals, proving that she too is of this Earth. What's more, she's guilty of falling asleep with her make-up on and she even admits to enjoying the occasional spot of sunbathing though she knows it's far from her skin's best friend. Though the media is currently preoccupied with chronicling the ongoing feud between Perry and Taylor Swift (and one that we can't quite understand), Katy's words here remind us that she's a woman after our own hearts and thankfully, she doesn't take herself too seriously.

On the advice she wishes she could give her 16 year old self when it comes to make-up, Perry says: I've worn a lot of foundations that aren't right for my skin tone in the past?they're just too white. So, maybe take a little extra time to match my skin color. And to stop picking at my face, and to wash my face. Because when you're young, you just think you can sleep in that stuff. And you really can't. I wish I could say, like, sun damage or whatever, but I actually kind of like the sun. I'm not perfect!

On her all time beauty icons: Ooh, there are so many. It's Lolita to Frida Kahlo, Chlo? Sevigny to Daphne Guinness?those are probably my four who I really love. Oh, and Tavi Gevinson?I definitely said her last name wrong.


On the ultimate make-up hack that she's inherited from her personal make-up artist Jake Bailey: Well, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube right now, about ?baking? and powder and shading. Shading is so great, especially because some of my weight in between stuff shows up on my face. That's where you first lose weight; it falls off your face. Until then, if you want to enjoy life, just get a little shade out, and contour your weight out of your face. Jake also does this thing where he takes a credit card and puts it behind my lashes when applying mascara to my lashes-it lifts them up. He's so good at the glowy stuff, too-he adds it in my Cupid's bow, to open up the lip, and also down your nose. It makes your nose a little smaller; Marilyn Monroe used to do it.

Check out the full interview, for which she's promoting new fragrance 'Mad Potion' over yonder on Byrdie.?

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