How to Wear Lipstick (For Girls Who Never Do)

Sarah Doyle is here with a steady hand to guide the lipstick novices...

I love lipstick. Well, let me rephrase - I love the idea of lipstick. A bright pop of colour smack bang on your face, a little tube that you can take anywhere and will make you look like you made more of an effort with your make-up than you actually did, dreamy.

But, I have a problem.

I can't wear lipstick. I'm forever touching my face and forgetting it's there or I'll take a big bite into something delicious and stop in a blind panic that I've got a red smudge on my face. Some women wear lipstick religiously everyday and I applaud them, but some of us just need a little extra help to get the look (and keep it in place for more than 20 minutes)


Starter shades

Don't dive head first into Russian Red; start with lighter shades such as pinks and corals to give you a feel for wearing lipstick. Consider these your training wheels.

Reflective surfaces

Anything shiny is your best friend. Mirrors, iPhones, spoons can all be used for cheeky touch ups. And don't forget the age old trick of pulling your finger through your lips to avoid getting any lipstick on your teeth.

Seal it


Lipstick sealers are wonderful inventions. Little bottles of what smell like paint stripper that actually lock in your colour so that you can eat drink and be merry all day long, genius! Be warned though, you will be left with staining when you finally take your lipstick off.

Lip liner

Lip liner can seem daunting at first, ?you mean I have to draw my lips on first?!? but with a little practice, your lipstick will look neater and last longer. Just be careful to choose the right colour and stay within your natural lip line - unless you're Kylie Jenner, you can't credibly fake a larger pout.

And remember, if it all goes horribly wrong, you can wipe it off and start again.

Sarah Doyle @burntheblonde

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