Five Haircare Products That Deserve To Be On Your Radar

Hair hacks for the harebrained.


Do you fear the frazzled fro that follows foreign travel? (You can send my Pulitzer for alliteration to the IMAGE office.) Well did you know that hair SPF is a thing? I didn't know either until last month when I told IMAGE Editor in Chief and Beauty Director Melanie Morris that I was going on holidays and she dropped the K?rastase?Soleil range on my desk.


Before that, I had so far only prepared my hair for going on holidays by getting my highlights done, picking up a bottle of two euro purple shampoo and impulse buying multiple cheap and beautiful Zara headbands to hopefully keep inevitable frizz looking at the very least, maintained.

I briefly toyed with the idea of a turban for sun-ray hair protection and then I remembered that a) I'm not Grace of Monaco, Marlene Dietrich or Sophia Loren and b) there's definitely a good argument for turbans being cultural appropriation.

I wouldn't normally bother bringing many hair toiletries on holidays but I do usually come home with a dehydrated head that has turned a very bright yella, so I freed up a couple of kgs in my suitcase for my new?K?rastase?Soleil ?hair products - Micro-Voile Protecteur, K?rastase CC Cr'me (oh yeah, hair CC cream is a thing too - more on that below) and Bain Apr's-Soleil.

Micro-Voile Protecteur (?24.90) is a lightweight leave-in mist that will prevent your hair turning radioactive yellow in the sun and green in the pool, reduce photo degradation and leave your dehydrated fizz hairs looking smooth and silky. Apply to dry or wet hair, or like suncream for your hair - before and after sun exposure.

Bain Apr's-Soleil (?19.90) is an anti-damage shampoo, specifically created to protect color-treated hair, that leaves hair moisturized and makes it more resistant after sun exposition.

K?rastase CC Cr'me (?25) - Complete Correction cream - ?is like BB cream you use on your face - it corrects imperfections in your hair by softening and nourishing it, will leave your hair moisturised and is filled with anti-oxidants, ceramides for nutrition and UV filters for sun-protection. Smooth a small amount between your fingers and run it through your dry hair if you're prone to lots of little flyaways.

Final verdict? UV rays cause a fade in color, weakened hair, loss of natural shine and softness, resulting in dull hair, split ends and an irritated scalp. It's worth the extra kgs and ??? to avoid a panicked post holiday trip to the hairdresser.



How many hair products do you use after you get out of the shower and before/after you start drying your hair? Heat protector, of course. Maybe a leave-in treatment. Split end reduction. A styling aid product of some kind to help to tame the frizz. A gentle detangler product for brittle hair. Something for a bit of shine in your hair. How can you even see yourself in the mirror with all these products around the place? And the absolute effort of it. Can you blame me for having a head of hair that's 90% dry shampoo by Friday??Then when you go on holiday you have to forgo the haircare to gain back a few kgs in the suitcase and have to spend the whole holiday sporting a newly grown fizzy fro. Dr. Paw Paw have a solution with your new best travel buddy and money and time-saver: Dr Paw Paw Does It All. Filled with their signature?paw-paw extract, this multi-use hair cream will protect your hair from heat from the sun and heated tools, works a leave-in hair treatment, reduces split ends, detangles hair, smoothes frizz, adds shine and works as a blow-dry styling aid. All in one! Not to mention it leaves your hair smelling delicious, like mangos and coconut. Available now.


Look, I know, dry shampoo is the devil. I'm gonna stop using it after today. It is, however, very handy if you don't have time to wash your hair. It's also gross when it leaves your hair feeling like chalk. There is a solution out there though! I learned from??Wella Professionals International TrendVision Platinum-winning hairstylist Darren Lacken in the August issue?that I should use?Wella EIMI Dry Me??14.95?? ?a tapioca-based dry shampoo that leaves hair looking shiny - no white powder or chalky finish?.


Let us know your hair hacks in the comments below!

Featured image: ?Zara floral headband,?7.95.

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