Finally, The Latest From Cocoa Brown Is Here!

Marissa Carter is taking over the tanning world, one spray at a time. Now, her best-selling brand that's caught the attention of Kylie Jenner in the US, among others, has come across with two new products that are sure to satisfy the masses. For those who don't have the time for a tan that develops, but require something more hydrating and easy to apply than what's currently on the market, the highly anticipated Instant Tan Bronzing Gels ought to do the trick. Available in all the usual stockists from the end of the month (so, now), we're just as impressed with these two treats as we were with the rest of her tanning range.

Having tried and tested it ourselves, we can assure you that it delivers on all counts. As it comes out of the tube it might seem as though you're about to paint yourself to the shade of your granny's mahogany dresser but fear not; it glides on your skin with a warm tan glow, giving you the lift you need in a moment's notice. If it's a night on the tiles, the Shimmer option is ideal but for day to day use, the Matte version will become your tanning hero.

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It's a lightweight gel formula; it's not at all sticky, and it dries in a jiffy, so be sure to blend with your mitt as you apply. There'll be no cause for concern in terms of getting dressed straight away and suffering any product transfer. What's more, you can wear either of the variants on your face, layering it over your own make-up as a contouring tool, or using it on its own for a super easy, everyday glow.

At €6.99 a pop, the latest from Marissa Carter can speak for itself.

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