Fierce Face Treatments

Our Liz Dwyer finds a treatment she really believes in

I'm not a big believer in facials. Sure it's lovely and relaxing to get your visage washed and caressed by a nice therapist, but in terms of return for your skin and your cash, most simply don't deliver. I'd rather take a punt on the latest skin machines and lasers which, in the right hands, deliver every time. Nurse Peggy Stringer, who runs the Laser Skin Clinic in Monkstown, has created a three-pronged approach to fast track dry and tired skin into the creamy complexion you only dreamed of in your 20's. ?It starts with microdermabrasion (a mini hoover gizmo) buzzing around your facial contours to gently remove the dry top layer of the epidermis, which simultaneously stimulates the rebuilding of collagen and elastin?underneath. Next up is Viora Infusion;? a small metal probe that uses micro currents to deliver a serum of plumping vitamins, minerals and essential amino-acids way deeper into the dermis than hands alone could. It's rounded off with a super relaxing stint under the Dermalux Tri-wave machine (you'll find it hard not to nod off), whereupon the skin absorbs healthy light waves and uses them as a source of energy to stimulate natural cell processes, kill spot-causing bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation and promote skin healing from the inside out. You won't really see a major difference until about three days after the treatment, when you wake up looking like you've just come back from a Yoga detox holiday, with a crystal clear, dreamy, creamy complexion.? Book it a few days before an event you need to wow at and you won't be disappointed, €135. The treatment takes 45 minutes,?01 284 4431;?


Liz Dwyer @beautybootcamp1

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