This season's beauty looks are some of the freshest we've seen in a while. A delightful juxtaposition of propositions; graphic lines merge with subtle stains, dark toned lips mix with ethereal glitters, eyeliner gets a real girl re-work, and skin is fresh and sublime.

At the shows, make-up artists more than answered the call to create - their skill showcased via the interplay between precise technique and undone individuality. Which will you choose? Whichever you like - just harness your creativity and experiment - You're in control, and it's time to play!


Move over lashes - it's liner that matters now. The new season eye line adds an edgier element than previous seasons, and is a kickback against the blended-to-oblivion smoky eye so rife on Instagram. Choose either harsh, graphic and precise styling, or soft, messed-up and melted - both work to push your look firmly to the fringes of make-up? which is the idea.


There's a rebellion against the generic smoky eye of social'media - there is nothing production line about these eyes.

?Below, watch makeup artist Ailbhe Lynch create the simple three-step liner look in the third of our AW16 trend videos and pick up the August issue of IMAGE to see the full season trends.

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