Armani's Twitter Versus Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is such an icon of the social media age that she's just released a book of selfies, entitled Selfish. She's a master at Instagram and produces one of the most talked about mobile apps of the recent age, her game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

It's no wonder then that her every tweet attracts rabid attention. This time round Mrs. West took to the platform to talk about her favourite foundation, Armani's, being discontinued - a curse that befalls every woman once in her lifetime so accusations of superficial are banned.

However, Kim, who is usually great at ?tagging? brands, made one minor misstep that will see her falling out of favour with the Italian fashion house. She actually failed to tag?Armani, and misspelled the brand's full name in her tweet. Something Armani's social media person was quick to point out, while being very kind about making sure to send Kim some slap for her face.


Talk about a burn! And it's been retweeted more times than Kim's tweet. That's one nil to the Milanese.

Although, maybe Kim is the one having the last laugh. After all, she's getting her free foundation in the post. Applause for all involved.

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