4 Tools for Flawless Foundation

Over the last month, I've been on a mission to sort out my base layer, baby. From foundations that were too thick and sucked every drop of moisture from my skin to others that were too wet and felt like oil slick on my face, finding the right product was no mean feat.

Of course, foundation is something that is so incredibly personal; what works like a dream for one person will feel like Polyfilla on the next. So, let me begin by describing my skin type and what it is I wanted from a foundation. I have good, clear skin with few blemishes. I don't really need a whole lot of coverage but - call me crazy - I just like it. It's not that I want to suffocate my skin, but I've never yearned for that 'made up to look like you're not made up' look. I love the look of a flawless foundation. I get dry skin on my nose and forehead, but when the central heating goes off, and the temperature goes up outside, it'll do a total 180 and I'll be left with an oilier T-Zone. So, I needed something that wasn't too oily but wasn't totally mattifying either. I also wanted to nail that elusive 'glow'.

One make-up session later with the pros at Brown Sugar and I may well have found my base layer dreams come true: Kohl Skin Transforming Foundation, sold exclusively at Brown Sugar and Sugar Cubed.



It's not heavy, but it gives you a medium - full coverage. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all. Unlike other full coverage foundations, it gives you a radiant, luminous glow. It works especially well when you apply MAC's Strobe Cream underneath (this has become our secret weapon, regardless of the foundations we've tried). It also boasts a broad spectrum SPF of 15 to protect your skin against future damage. However it's always worth incorporating a more protective SPF into your skin preparation routine to be on the safe side.


My face feels totally fresh and best of all; this make-up does not budge. You won't need to reapply within a few hours. I wore it last weekend at a wedding, and the only thing I ever needed to touch up was my lippie. As the girls in Sugar Cubed informed me, there's really no point in making a flash decision on a foundation when you've only tried it on your hand; it's a waste of your money. Get yourselves a few different samples and try them out for a day. It's only after a number of hours that you'll really know if something is working for you. There have been several brands that I've loved the minute I've applied it, however as the day goes on and the make-up either disappears or leaves you feeling like the Serengeti, you'll kick yourself for having spent over €30. As for Kohl Skin Transforming Foundation? I'm in love!

Along the way to finding my perfect foundation, I've also stumbled upon some application tools that I HAVE to shout about. I've already mentioned Strobe Cream from the wizards at MAC, give it a try; you won't regret it.

For women who want a flawless face but just don't have the time to sit there meticulously brushing back and forth, the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush is AMAZING. It looks like your average powder brush, but it works a treat with liquid foundation. It takes seconds with which to apply your foundation, and it gives you the most even, airbrushed finish. What's more, it works so well to blend in your make-up, you really won't need to use that much product.



For fans of an old-school sponge, the Inglot Pro Blending Sponge works just as well, designed with a really handy corner for those hard to reach areas around your nose as well as blemishes that require more coverage. The rounded part of the sponge can be used then to smooth over the larger areas on the face.


And just like that, we've got ourselves a perfect complexion with ease. Hurrah!




Mac at Brown Thomas

Bobbi Brown at Brown Thomas


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