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Paris Hilton testifies that she was kidnapped, abused and force-fed medication while at boarding school

by Lauren Heskin
11th Feb 2021

Paris Hilton is opening up about the abuse she suffered as a teenager at the hands of the staff at her boarding school.

Paris Hilton spoke about the experience at Provoc Canyon School in Utah in her documentary, This is Paris last year, but at a recent committee hearing, she went into detail during her testimony. 

Calling herself an “institutional abuse survivor” of Provo, a school for “troubled teens”, where she was placed for eleven months at the age of 16. She describes a recurring nightmare she has, that’s actually a memory, of being “kidnapped in the middle of the night by two strangers, strip-searched, and locked in a facility”.

She describes her experience at Provos as “degrading and terrifying,” saying that “children were restrained, hit, thrown into walls, strangled and regularly sexually abused.” She claims she was drugged without any diagnosis and it left her feeling “numb and exhausted”. They were monitored at all times, even when they went to the bathroom or shower, and her communication with the outside world, including her family, was strictly monitored. “It was all day screaming in my face, yelling at me, continuous torture.”


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The School

The school remains open today, and while their website has been taken down, an online directory for parents with troubled teens called All Kinds of Therapy describes Provo as “ leading national provider of residential youth treatment and has a deep history of supporting the academic, therapeutic, and developmental needs of their students.” Though they note that the school came under new ownership in 2000 and they cannot comment on its operation prior to that date.

However, Hilton believes that the abuses at the school continued long after she left, up until she spoke out publicly about her experience in 2020. Survivors Breaking Silence, a platform for institutional abuse survivors includes experiences from students at Provos from the 1980s right up to 2018. Following the release of her documentary, Hilton said she received so many messages from other survivors of so many “troubled teen schools”.

Now, they’ve come together to try and shut Provos. Hilton was one of many who spoke at Monday’s hearing, where they lobbied for a bill to regulate Utah’s “troubled teenage industry”. The bill passed unanimously through the committee and now awaits a vote in the Utah government in the coming weeks.