Give Me Length

I have to confess I was watching Mary Kate and Ashley make their rare TV appearance on the Ellen Show, and I remembered how I had idolized their style when I was in school and college. It was a brief but influential fashion obsession. Their messed up blond hair with their long boho dresses, coats and skirts, formed the prototype for frump chic. I often tried to emulate and imitate it, and found that the only useful places for such a mission, were charity shops, second hand markets, and my mother’s wardrobe. Thankfully over the past few months and with the advent of SS14 collections, flowing long skirts (maxis if you like, but they’re not to be tight) can be found in beauteous abundance. American Apparel’s new and limited edition Nathalie Du Pasquier skirts combine a selection of geometric retro looking prints with long and flowing shape, whilst Zara has a selection of beautiful pleated skirts in bright colours. Tamp and Stitch have jumped on the flowing skirt band wagon, and are currently stocking a selection of brightly coloured vintage skirts that look incredible.

As unlikely fashion idols go, Mary Kate and Ashley gave willowy and pseudo-boho looks a chic edge that could be worn everywhere. I also suspect that their cutesy petiteness is aided by wearing long draped clothes, making them looking slimmer and taller. And it works so well when they both do it side by side.

Here’s more love for the Olsen twins… The Me or Her thing was pretty cute, no surprises also that Mary Kate was the first one to be kissed…



Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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