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What’s in Holly White’s pantry? The nutritionist talks curries and chickpeas for Self-care Sundays

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28th Jul 2020
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Nutritionist and cookbook author Holly White stopped by – virtually – to take part in Week 6 of IMAGE Self-care Sundays, in partnership with Yoplait. In conversation with IMAGE group contributing editor Melanie Morris, Holly revealed her top tips on how to ensure a healthy but delicious meal every day.

Gone are the days when people scoffed at the word ‘vegan’. Many of us are now actively incorporating a plant-based diet into our lifestyles, even if it’s just a few days a week.

The health benefits are myriad and it’s an easy way to cut back on the damage we are inflicting on the environment.

But can tofu really taste as good as chicken?

Register for Week 7 of Self-care Sundays: Success with Fionnghuala O’Reilly here.

Holly White, nutritionist and author of cookbook Vegan-ish, has some handy tips to make sure your tastebuds are tantalised with every meal, even if it only contains veggies.

Holly was our guest for Week 6 of IMAGE Self-care Sundays, in partnership with Yoplait. if you missed the virtual event, hosted by Melanie Morris, group contributing editor of IMAGE, you can catch it here.

“Always have a good curry paste,” advises Holly, who has been following a plant-based diet for six years, and admits her go-to meal is a heathy curry at home.

“The best way of taking whatever veg you have, if it’s root veg, your squash, your sweet potato, carrots – they’ll take a little bit longer  – stir fry them off, add in curry paste, coconut milk, it’s so delicious and so satisfying. I turn to a curry a lot.”

Holly likes to keep her curries simple. “It’s about keeping it as simple as possible – whatever I happen to have. I love chickpeas, I think they’re great, but also I love tofu, I love tempeh (a traditional Indonesian soy product made from fermented soybeans). People often say ‘I tried tofu once and I don’t know what to think about it’ and I always say ‘think of it as similar to steamed chicken, a great canvas, but you have to inject flavour into it’.

“It’s very bland by itself, so I chop it up and leave it marinading. I’m not coeliac but I tend to move towards gluten-free options. Tamari is very similar to soy sauce except it’s gluten-free. I leave my tofu or my tempeh marinading and then stir that into my curry for a really satisfying dish.

Register for Week 7 of Self-care Sundays: Success with Fionnghuala O’Reilly here.

“But it could be a can of chickpeas or butterbeans or whatever. I buy them canned rather than dry because they just need to be reheated through, so it is in effect, fast food. It’s quick.”

Holly also roasts vegetables in a tray, but keeps them tasty with a variety of spices.

“When it comes to herbs, a little bit of cumin is good, I love smoked paprika, it gives that bit of heat but it’s not really intense. If you want more heat you can go for a cayenne. Garlic and onion powder are really good, especially if you don’t love chopping loads of onions.

“I also always try to have homemade or vegan pesto, because stirring that through just elevates [the dish]. You can have courgette, aubergine, sweet potato, butternut squash, stir in some pesto and suddenly it’s delicious and then throw in some pine nuts and it’s all fancy!”

What would you include in your curry? Let us know on social by using #IMAGESelfcareSundays.

IMAGE Self-care Sundays is an eight-week wellness series, in partnership with Yoplait. Melanie Morris will host eight virtual events – all free to the IMAGE reader – so you can access them from the comfort of your own home. Get inspired to start your own self-care journey and spread Yoplait’s ‘You Time’ message that putting yourself first is a key component in life’s happiness and success.

Register for Week 7 of Self-care Sundays: Success with Fionnghuala O’Reilly here.

For the full Self-care Sundays schedule, see here. Follow #IMAGESelfcareSundays on social.

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