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An utterly honest review of the infamous €115 UGG slippers

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An utterly honest review of the infamous €115 UGG slippers

UGGs are cool again, lest you didn't know. Thinking of investing in a pair of their famous slippers? This writer gives her hot take on the cosy footwear that's all over Instagram.

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I would call myself something of a slipper connoisseur.

I love nothing more than a good pair of slippers and a dressing gown to match. It’s the height of luxury for me and the nightly ritual comes in second place to whipping off my bra.

This love of slippers was passed onto me by my mother. She always went for a wedged pair from Marks and Spencers, while I always opted for soft and fluffy with a solid bottom.

Don’t ever approach me with a pair of those disturbing slipper socks – you may as well be barefoot.

My usual haunt for slippers was always Penneys and I never thought of forking out more than €5 for a pair. In hindsight, this wasn’t very good for the environment. Within three months, the slippers were no longer fit for purpose.

Then, at Christmas, my mind was opened up to the world of UGG slippers.

Now I was a keen UGGer during my teenage years. I wore a pair of UGG boots to my first teenage disco with a midi denim skirt, black leggings and a purple top that had a bow in the middle. I wore no make-up and had my hair tied back – my mother told me I looked fantastic.

And yes, you are correct, I did not get the shift.

This brand was such a huge cultural facet of my formative years but trends don’t last forever and soon we weren’t UGGing anymore.

UGG slippers, like their boot counterpart, don’t come cheap. On the official website, they currently retail for €115.

So, are they worth it?

At first, I thought the price was preposterous. Slippers take you from the couch to the kitchen to get red wine and then to the bathroom to get the stains off your teeth. They aren’t taking you to a ball in the Shelbourne.

But then I placed my feet within the confines of the slippers’ fluffy goodness.

They were so soft that I thought I would cry. The wool lining felt exactly like a hug. Suddenly, I was 14 again in the middle of the disco with my prescription glasses off, completely short-sighted and unable to see, but safe in the knowledge that I had my UGG boots.

The comfort of these contraptions knows no bounds. We have been together for five months now, and it’s the most stable relationship I have ever been in.

We like to have breakfast together, then lunch, then dinner, then dessert and numerous snacks in between. Some might say this relationship has a co-dependency problem but I call it a prolonged honeymoon phase.

They support me during awkward Houseparty calls. They soothe my pain during my period. And they look majestic when paired with any of my numerous tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.

As the majority of us now work from home, it’s a struggle to get dressed every morning. If you must look presentable for conference calls, you can rest assured UGG slippers are the perfect accompaniment to a midi dress.

So outside of comfort, what else do they offer?

Well, they pass the leakage test with flying colours. This is when you walk across your kitchen floor and step in a liquid. The UGGs remain bone dry every single time due to the water-resistant Silkee suede and sheepskin.

Then there is the issue with feet. Not to be TMI about it, but UGGs don’t hold odour. Most slippers after a certain time tend to smell exclusively of feet, so much so that it can be insulting. Slippers tend not to wash well so there’s usually no saving them.

Thankfully, the UGG slippers are easy to clean and refresh. After five months of almost constant wear, they have not worn away or become damaged and still look as perfect as the first day I got them.

€115 may seem like a lot, but the cost-per-wear ratio here is something to behold. The quality alone is worth the price and longevity is guaranteed.

Call me dramatic but the slippers have made a significant difference to my life. Before them, I was a slob, but now I am a high-class, swanky slob.

I can’t help but feel a thrill each time I sit down to watch the Late Late Show with my glass of vino and my UGG slippers. I am starting to think I wouldn’t even feel this way about a Chanel bag.

€115 on a pair of slippers won’t be for everyone and that is quite understandable. Although, if you have been thinking of treating yourself or another to a pair, I urge you to follow through. Trust me when I tell you that you won’t regret this purchase.

Even if you can’t right now, do so as a present to yourself when things get better again.

Until then though, slippers are slippers and any pair will make your day a little easier. The brand doesn’t matter nor the price.

They are one of life’s little treasures and whether they are €5 or €115, they are better than any man.

And that in itself is priceless.

UGG Scuffette II Slipper, €115

Photography by @UGG.

This article was originally publshed in October 2020