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The ultimate guide to summer shorts, from micro to mom-fit

by Edaein OConnell
02nd Jun 2020

Struggling to find a flattering pair of summer shorts? Here we break down the key short trends of the season and how and why they work 

I used to despise shorts.

During my teenage years, I refused to wear them. They represented everything I didn’t like about fashion and my body. The thought of showing that much skin made me feel ill.

Back in those days, it seemed like the only style available was shorts of the shortest variety.

As I grew older, styles changed and I did too. I gained more confidence and no longer cared about the jiggle of thighs as I walked, or how the shorts made a v-shape around my groin area.

Fashion also moved on and began to produce designs that gave consumers more choice.

Summer is well and truly here and with hot weather comes the need to strip layers. However, the realm of shorts can be a minefield. It’s quite difficult to find a flattering pair that make you feel comfortable in both a fashion and personal sense.

So, we decided to help. Here we discuss the six key short trends of the season and who they work for.

Mom style

Most women have encountered this problem before. You find the most perfect pair of denim shorts only to find that while they fit your hips and thighs, there is enough space at the waist to fit another person. Here is where the mom short comes in. Mom jeans are popular because of their high waist and loose legs – the shorts are the same but with a much shorter hem. The waist is cinched, while the leg is loose, providing comfort and a casual, chic look. They work particularly well on curvier figures.

Premium blue denim mom shorts, €46 at Topshop

ASOS Design curve denim A-line mom short in black, €34.56 at ASOS

High rise vintage fit

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? It seems looking back is actually a good thing when it comes to shorts. A high-rise vintage short works on all body types. The fit is relaxed, so on summer days the sometimes unbearable rub of denim against skin won’t be a problem.

ASOS Design curve denim high rise vintage fit short in blue, €38.71 at ASOS.

Frayed hem denim shorts, €49 at & Other Stories


City shorts

If comfort is what you are searching for, then the city short is for you. In between a culotte and the mom short, this style hits at a mid-point on the thigh that will elongate the leg. These are perfect if your summer outfit needs a hint of formality.

ASOS Design curve casual short with tortoiseshell buckle in khaki, €30.42 at ASOS

Vila linen city shorts in beige, €41.48 at ASOS

Micro shorts

Ok, micro shorts were not for me, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look fabulous. Micro shorts work best on more athletic figures and if you want to exude the illusion of length in your legs, they work serious magic.

Fair denim shorts, €40 at Weekday

Grey ripped mid rise denim shorts, €33 at River Island

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are the shorts of the season. At first, they look confusing. Are they a cropped trouser? Or are they a pedal pusher? Well, they are neither but they will work on just about everyone. On cooler days, they are a wonderful alternative to jeans. And when worn with a simple band t-shirt and Converse, you will appear like the ultimate fashion insider.

White Le Vintage Bermuda frayed denim jeans, €230 at Net A Porter

Paperbag-waist shorts, €66 at Arket

Structured shorts

This type of shorts are flattering on all shapes and sizes. A structured short will streamline curvier figures and add shape and definition to those with a straight shape. Because of the structured look, you can add volume on top. Wear yours with an on-trend puff sleeve shirt or add an oversized blazer.

Pink textured buckle waist structured shorts, €35 at River Island

Blue Hera cady shorts, €151 at The Outnet

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