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Realistic Irish Festival Fashion

15th Jul 2014

I know, i know, we’d all love to prance around like they do in Coachella, in denim cut-offs, tasseled bikini tops, cute strappy sandals and flower crowns, but let’s be realistic here; we live in Ireland. If you’re going to a music festival it is almost guaranteed to rain, sporadically and in various irritating ways – perhaps lightly at first, the kind of rain the makes you soggy in the most enragingly gentle of ways, then as the wind picks up we’ll get sideways rain that somehow gets up under your hood and right into your face, and finally the hard and heavy dollops of drops that feel like tiny little slaps, adding insult to soggy injury. Whichever type, it’s guaranteed to leave you shivering, sniffling and soggy with your flower crown flopping over your face, dejected & depressed, much like your festival spirit. This summer, however, will be different! With Longitude coming up next weekend, we have selected the most stylish and yet Irish-weatherproof options, to help you avoid giving up and going home or worse,?giving in and donning the dreaded plastic ponchos normally the reserve of daft American tourists. So although we can’t do the full Coachella inspired looks, here are some equally stylish but realistic festival fashion buys.

The Outfit: Although it’s overcast lately it’s still relatively warm, so opt for something that helps keep you covered but is still light. We’re loving this New Look maxi dress & this thigh slit skirt from H&M. Of course, bad weather means a bad mood, so cheer yourself with something comfy and bright, like these pants from Topshop, guaranteed to keep you warm and dry but still chic.

The Accessories: This Aztec print inspired bag is cute and practical for all your sunscreen, umbrella and hidden drink-carrying needs. Meanwhile this fedora is perfect for rainy festival. And why not go all out in this gorgeous pastel blue wide-brimmed hat that will keep out both hot sun rays and heavy rain.

The Boots: Invest in a classic Chelsea boot to keep the rain out while looking stylish but if it’s too muddy why not try these cute wellies disguised as black leather boots. Or if the downpours are torrential, then why not just go all out, with these green wellies from Topshop.

The Jacket: Jackets are usually boring, sensible things that your mother insists you put on before going out and hide your lovely outfit underneath. However, there are actually a lot of nice jackets and coats on trend lately that you can incorporate into your outfit without detracting from your style.

Try this old school denim jacket from Warehouse for that 90’s kick, or how about this white leather jacket for something rock-appropriate but glamourous.

We love these bomber jackets from in colourful prints, warm for outdoors but in bright and colourful prints that will put you in the mood. Try this tribal african inspired print by H&M or this tropical floral style from New Look.

So tasseled bikini tops are out but what about this tasseled jacket? You may not be in California but you can approrpriate this Wild West look from Topshop.

If it’s starting to look like it’s really going to be lashing rain, ?then parkas offer good coverage and warmth. We love this tribal printed one from Topshop, and this waxed one?from New Look, even better for keeping the wet out.

Now if it’s really pouring down, and you’re still not willing to cover that outfit, here’s a clever take on the transparent poncho, this see-through anorak from Topshop. Rather than daft and cringey, it’s cute and clever. And if you’re just going to give up and don the poncho then why not do so with a bit of humour. Topshop are selling these pacman ponchos.

The Headpiece: No festival would be complete without some over the top headpiece you could never wear anywhere else. If you’re going with a floral garland it’s probably best to go plastic, so why not try this Topshop headpiece or this cute floral Minnie Mouse ears headband.

Hopefully with these rain-proof pieces you can go forth and conquer your music festival of choice, free of soggy socks, frizzy hair and pneumonia. And if all else fails, I suppose we’ll just have to go to Coachella next year instead.

By Rachel Lavin @RachelLavin