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What’s The Secret To Beautiful Nails?

by Jennifer McShane
17th Mar 2017

The experts nominated in the Best Nail Technician, and Best Nail Salon categories in our 2017?Business of Beauty Awards?know a thing or two about what makes a good nail job. They’ve seen it all, but thankfully, are more than happy to share a few tricks of the trade with us. From what’s on trend to what we should never try at home, they also tell us how to salvage a nail disaster and know exactly what Irish women want when it comes to’maintaining fabulous fingertips. We’ve asked the professionals, so you don’t have to.

Tell us about the nail trends for spring?

Pastels and florals are always a go-to for spring. I love a pastel base with a tiny pop of neon around this time of year. Metallic details are everywhere this year too, tiny gold decals and accents are so on trend. If you look at the nails being turned out for runway shows right now, you’ll see natural tones and metallics.

Niamh Carey, Tropical Popical

Ombre is huge this season and is extremely popular both in extensions and shellac. Hologram and mermaid are still being carried through from autumn/winter, and with a light colour or nude base, they look amazing.

Fifth Avenue Nail team

For spring, we will see the return of nail art. Quite abstract designs are becoming more and more popular and the negative space manicure which trended last year seems to be definitely coming back. I also think pastels will be a very popular request in salon with the chrome effect incorporated.

Vivienne Bogd?n, Edvard & Pink

What’s the biggest nail faux pas women commit?

Condition! Weak nails are one of the unfortunate side effects we have to put up with due to rapidly changing seasons in Ireland. If you feel your nails are getting weak you need to start to use a strengthener as soon as possible before they get too bad, prevention is better than cure.

Fifth Avenue nail team?

The biggest nail faux pas is to have your nail polish chipped, or even worse, have left traces of nail polish on your nails. If you can’t get to your manicurist to have it fixed or reapplied, remove it by applying clear nail polish. It will look much better, and it will get you look professional until your next nail appointment.

Justyna Soreil, Clara Hand & Foot Spa?

The biggest nail faux pas women commit is picking off shellac polish as it removes layers of their natural nail and takes months to repair.

Essentials Nail Bar

The biggest nail faux pas women commit is not getting manicured regularly and not using cuticle oil. In the long run, regular manicures and keeping the cuticles moisturised will make a huge difference.

Sarah Gaynor, Babooshka

What are the Irish women most concerned?with when it comes to their nails?

Most Irish women’s concerns are the condition of their nails and how to prevent flaking and peeling.

Essentials Nail Bar

The majority of Irish women want strong, healthy nails. If you are not blessed with these, naturally don’t be discouraged! There are options available for you, to create long shiny talons; gel, acrylic and a?new innovation in the nail industry, PolyGel. A consultation with your nail technician will find a system best suited to you.

Michele Burke, Michele Burke Nails

In my experience, Irish women want their nails to be healthy?and strong so their manicures last as long as possible. Irish women love having their nails polished and groomed looking.

Corinna Kennelly, Expose Beauty Lounge

What’s your opinion on nail art?

Well working in Tropical Popical there’s no escaping nail art. I love it! Even though I wear my own nails quite plain, I enjoy doing nail art, and I love the look of it. You can have your nail art as tacky as you like but there’s definitely very tasteful minimal looks for the not so brave out there that can look just as fab.

Niamh Carey, Tropical Popical

Nail art can be very tasteful and accentuate your manicure. I think at the moment overall it is very trendy. I personally like the ombre look and the use of Swarovski crystals to create the 1920’s half moon manicure at the moment.

Vivienne Bogd?n, Edvard & Pink

I will always be a fan of nail art, it makes you stand out from the crowd and be original! Glitter is a huge trend at the moment.

Sarah Gaynor, Babooshka

Simple, classy designs are trendy in my opinion. Lots of crystals and embellishments attached to the nail are tacky, but that’s just my own opinion.

Corinna Kennelly, Expose Beauty Lounge

If we manage to damage?our gel or acrylic nails at home, how can we prevent further damage??

It is always best to seek professional help as sometimes what you see as a “solution” can often do more damage. Always ensure you have a good nail file at home If you happen to chip a gel or acrylic file it down and get it fixed professionally as soon as you can.

Fifth Avenue nail team?

The best thing you can do it nothing! Wrap your finger in a plaster to protect it from further damage and book an appointment with your nail tech as soon as you can.

Corinna Kennelly, Expose Beauty Lounge

Best nail home care advice?

Cuticle oil is by far the best thing you can use to promote healthy and strong nails at home. Applying a small amount to just above the cuticle and massaging it in at least twice a day will put the moisture into the new nail that’s about to grow so you’re strengthening your nails from them inside out. Keep it on your desk or beside your toothbrush so that you build it into your daily routine.

Niamh Carey, Tropical Popical

Oil, oil, oil! Use a natural oil every day to nourish your cuticles, natural nails and keep enhancements flexible. I love Morgan Taylor Remedy oil. A renewing cuticle oil with an antioxidant blend of grape seed and vitamin E. It’s bio-organic complex ensures superior hydration.

Michele Burke, Michele Burke Nails

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