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Treatment On Trial – Mini Tummy Tuck

16th Mar 2015

Targeted at mums just like me, who’ve had no joy whittling down withered midriffs, the mini tummy tuck fuses two types of non-invasive body sculpting technology – the melting down and freezing of fat cells – which are normally used independently, with varying degrees of success. Both processes – in theory – melt and manipulate fat cells and then shrink them down to such a small size, they’re effectively destroyed and flushed away by the body.

It’s claimed to have no negative impact on body tissues or muscle, with little or no downtime, and is? a much less extreme option than facing a scalpel.


In the interest of research, I offered up one side of my? torso in order to better gauge results. The first treatment involved a consult with a well-versed therapist, who recommended a combination of two treatments of the freezing, which is effectively the same as Cool Sculpting or Cooltec, and six of the heated one, aka VelaShape (a contouring system reportedly loved by mum of? three Kourtney Kardashian). The cooling treatment involves a Hoover-like device being passed up and down the problem zone for 90 minutes. The sensation was shocking and stingy, but that was nothing compared to the ghastly sight of my fat being sucked up into a tube, which once released remained protruding upright like little pillars of lipids growing out of my stomach. Fortunately, these withdrew back into my waistline post-treatment. I returned a few?weeks later for my contouring session, which involved a radio frequency probe to deliver deep heat over my side for 30 minutes, interspersed with suction and mechanical massage techniques.

The treatment was very unpleasant and not for the faint-hearted. After 15 minutes, it became marginally more bearable, and afterwards my skin looked red, rather bruised, and my whole midsection felt tender for two days. I vow never to submit myself to such torture ever again.


It takes, on average, eight sessions spread out over two months to reach the desired effect, but a week after my two sessions, the difference was clear. Most notable was the skin texture, which was lumpy and withered on the untreated side, and smoother and springier on the other; my waistline was higher and slimmer on the treated half; and that resilient pouch of saggy skin that’s hovered above my bikini line since giving birth looked much less prominent. So, despite the discomfort, I’m signing up for another six sessions.


Eight sessions of a combination of cooling and contouring treatments costs €995

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