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Three pore-blurring primers that give you serious value for money

by Aisling Keenan
10th Apr 2019

They’re not all cheap, but they are all worth it. Here are three of the most impressive (but maybe not the most obvious) pore-blurring primers available now.

You know the way you can find out a tree’s age by counting the rings? Well, you can calculate my age based on how many visible pores I have. It’s like every time I celebrate a birthday, fifty more open themselves up, ready to fill with makeup, spots, whiteheads and anything else that can weasel its way in.

In the search for the perfect primer, I’ve tried them all. I’ve been disappointed by some that everyone in the beauty world raved about (and put that down to my skepticism in the face of apparent beauty miracles). Mind you, I’ve been disappointed by many that I purchased myself – I think I just ask a lot of a pore blurring primer.

I would like my blurring primer to…

  • make my giant pores invisble
  • not upset any foundation I put on it
  • keep my makeup in place
  • send shine packing
  • not dry out or mess with my skin in any significant way

As you can see, I don’t ask for much. Ahem. So here are the three that, for me, don’t let me down on any of the above. I’ve got a budget one, a mid-range and a pricy one that I wouldn’t recommend unless I truly believed in it.

1. The best on a budget

NYX Pore Filler, €15.50

NYX (do we say N-Y-X or do we say ‘nicks’? Who knows) have been impressing me a lot lately with their many charming products, all of which are practically guilt-free because they’re such great value. But this primer is talc-free, oil-free and contains skin-loving Vitamin E to help smooth the texture of your skin as it blurs. Initially put off by the name (Pore Filler, Polyfilla) because it made it sound like there were spots in my future, I tried it anyway and found it great. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse after you use it, that goes without saying. But once you do, it’s a dream to work with.

2. The mid-range wonder

Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm, €22.80

This one I was drawn to like a magpie to sparkles. Look how cute? It works a treat, cute as it might be, which is why I’ve repurchased quite a few times. It has a really lovely texture, so silky you’re sure it’ll slip right off your face if you’re in any way oily. But it stays put, doesn’t interfere with foundation and really hides away your pores from even the most investigative eyes. It’s called Egg Pore because it contains tightening egg whites, but also has purifying clay in there to keep out bad skin juju.

3. The spendy one 

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 PA+++, €80

Right, I hear what you’re saying. And there’s no denying €80 is spendy for a part of your routine you could, potentially, do without. And if blurring your pores isn’t top of your agenda (a) I’m jealous and (b) there are cheaper options – see above. But this one, for me, is the ultimate. It’s got SPF30 so you don’t have to interfere your blurring product with an SPF, which could cause slip issues and clogging. It blurs like nothing I’ve ever seen, and it treats your skin too with hydrating and protection properties. I use it sparingly but I truly, truly love it.

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