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The Ultimate Guide to Glorious Brows

03rd Feb 2015

Here’s the thing about your eyebrows: you can do with them whatever you damn well please. Bleach them, shave them or colour them green – they’re on your face and as long as it pleases you, well, we’re pleased for you. (Ok, so maybe don’t shave them). But, since they are on your face, if you want some general guidelines, we’re here to help. We’re good like that.

What most of us don’t want, when it comes to our brows, is to do too much. We don’t want to over-pluck or over-fill or over-draw; the ?now brow?, the look that fits the current beauty mood, is about a much more natural effect. And here’s how to get it:

If your brows are fair?consider shading them, to add definition to your face. Don’t go more than two shades darker than your hair colour; Laura Mercier’s brow pencil comes in three convincing blonde options (8 overall) – and there’s a spoolie. ?Who doesn’t love a spoolie?!

Shop it here.

If your brows are dark?then they’re probably a little wirier than those which adorn your paler (and finer haired) sisters. Used alone or layered over another product, wax pencils are the most convenient way to fix a feral brow; the Brow Primer pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills will tame even the unruliest of eyebrows.

Shop it here.


If your brows are thin’then a little padding is required, for a fuller, face-flattering finish. To fill them in convincingly, choose an ultra slim pencil that allows you to mimic your natural hairs. The Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil or Anastasia Brow Wiz are both good choices for filling in any gaps.

Shop it here.

If your brows are naturally thick’sing hallelujah, and embrace what your mama gave you! You don’t need to do much more than lightly fill them in: the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil has a triangular tip that’s thicker than most, for speedy definition.

Shop it here.


Emma Henderson @fluffyblog

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