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The Secrets of the Nail Bar

by Bill O'Sullivan
02nd Mar 2015

The questions you always wondered but were too embarrassed to ask:?hairy legs; smelly feet and small talk. Should we care? Do they care? We find out with this years? Business of Beauty Awards Best Nail Salon nominees. #imagebob15

Should a client ever be embarrassed about their feet?

“No. But in the ten years of running this salon I’ve never had one client whose sat in my pedi chair and said they liked their feet. Usually I’m met with ?now my feet are really bad? or ‘sorry about these crubeens now? or ?if you can make these feet look good you’re a miracle worker.? For some reason Irish women have awful hang ups about our feet. I reassure every client that however bad they think their feet are my own are probably worse. Myself I have size nine feet with a bunion on each toe. So when clients feel they are not alone in the world of dodgy tootsies they seem to relax more.? Leanne Griffin, New York Nail Studio, Galway

?There’s nothing to be embarrassed about yet everyone is.? Some women are so mortified by their feet, they over prep them and cut down the nail so much, we’ve have nothing to work with. So please don’t do that.? Anna Schu, Anna Schu Stillorgan, Dublin


Should a client shave their legs before a pedicure?

They should de fuzz their legs before a pedi as much as they should de fuzz their arms.? Makes no odds to us.? If our clients want to shave their legs – great.? If they want to stick to au natural – fab.? Once it’s because it’s what they want to do and not because of societal norms that say we should be embarrassed and ashamed for not pulling every hair from every follicle on our body.

Andrea Horan, Tropical Popical, Dublin 2


Do you often have to rescue nails from other salon’s misadventures?

?Yes, we’ve seen some very strange things over the years! It can be frustrating?when clients have badly applied gel/ acrylics from an inexperienced technician as it causes such long term’damage?for them.?It is so important to make sure your technician is experienced with enhancements and Shellac removal. You pay for what you get!”?Kate Verling, Mink. Dublin 4

How should a client make it clear they’re not in the mood for small talk?

?Make a comment such as, ?I’ve so been looking forward to this hour of relaxation after such a hectic day.? It’s a very Irish thing to address things in round about way, It makes everyone’s life easier if we were all more direct.? Anna Schu, Anna Schu Stillorgan, Co Dublin


?We can usually sense it so only talk when talked to really.? We try to stay away from small talk anyway, it’s sooo boring.? We prefer to get down to the more juicy stuff.? Andrea Horan, Tropical Popical, Dublin

Should we be tipping our nail technician?

?It’s really not necessary, but if you want to and you’re happy with the service, about €2 -3 is adequate.??Leanne Nugent, Polish Hand And Foot Spa, Dublin

Whats your favorite instagram account for nails?

?We have got some amazing inspiration from Laqu? Nail Bar.?

Leanne Nugent, Polish Hand And Foot Spa, Dublin

?Oh we’ve millions.? Nails By Regina, This Is Venice, Sophy Robson, Ghetto Nailz, Kandiland.? As well as nail accounts, we love artists? accounts like Yokopium, Camille Walala, Lakwena for inspiration.?

Andrea Horan, Tropical Popical, Dublin


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