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Celebrities are getting thread facelifts for a sphinx-like look — and I’m utterly bewildered

by Edaein OConnell
17th Apr 2020

Ever thought about putting threads in your face to lift your brow? No, neither have we. However this bizarre cosmetic trend has taken Hollywood by storm

My life is a lie.

Everything I knew about our existence before this moment has in actuality been a ruse crafted by those with higher powers and more money. I have spent my life looking at the Sphinx-like beauties of the celebrity world (you know the celebrities I’m talking about) and asking myself why did God choose a specific number of people to look so devastatingly beautiful. If God had blessed me with such beauty I would have used it for a higher good.

Like world peace.

We all know that Botox, facelifts and anything with a needle is how the stars look good. Many of us even embark on the journey ourselves and there is nothing wrong with that. Anything to boost confidence (once done right and for the right reasons) is a good thing.

But have your ever thought about putting threads inside your face?

Thread lifting

No, I am not having you on or trying to pull your leg for a laugh. This is serious stuff. So much so, that women like Huda Kattan are flocking to get the treatment. When I first heard about thread lifting, an image popped into my head. This vision was chords of baling twine traditionally used for silage being pulled up my face.

Thankfully, this twine is only for farming and not for faces.

Thread lifting is a non-surgical procedure where very fine threads of polydioxanone – which have small barbs all along their length – are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of skin. Polydioxanone is a bio-degradable substance used in sutures (surgical stitches) so the effect is temporary yet extremely effective. The threads are inserted using thin needles into the skin. Once in place, they are pulled and the skin tightens and plumps.

According to Eden Medical, “The threads initiate an inflammatory response, which promotes collagen manufacture in the treated areas. This process also improves blood flow to the skin. The result is facial skin that looks younger and fresher.”

You have seen the beauty of some celebrities. They have the sultry eyes of cats and their faces go north while I have the eyes of a sloth and my face directs to the south. I thought many of them were born with it but in reality, we too can emulate the Sphinx.

Ponytail Brow Lift

Snatched LA (pictured, main) is just one American clinic which specialises in a treatment called the Ponytail Brow Lift. Imagine pulling your hair back into the tightest ponytail possible and looking at your eyes – this is the effect the treatment creates. They call it the Hollywood secret and it’s one I’m trying to decipher whether I wanted to be told in the first place.

While I myself would not shy away from the idea of Botox in the future, putting threads in my face (surgical or not) does not sound appealing. Questions have to be asked.

Will the threads get lost? Can you feel them? Will my face go further south once the effect wears off?

Will they knot together?

I can’t deny that the results are truly mesmerising. The lift is instant and the exotic cat-eye effect both alluring and attractive. The Snatched LA Instagram is a lookbook dedicated to the success of the Ponytail Brow Lift and it’s difficult not to become influenced.


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All of us have thought about a nip and tuck at one point or another and with the wide range of treatments available both surgical and non-surgical, what is a few threads being put into a face?

However, it remains to be seen whether or not I can get on board. Would we all just be better off styling our hair in an atrociously tight ponytail?

Nevertheless, never say never. One day soon you may just see me with threads coming out of my forehead while I shout SNATCHED aggressively.

Weirder things have happened.

Picture @ Snatched LA

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