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Irish brow artists debate the best ways to encourage your eyebrows to grow

by Grace McGettigan
26th Feb 2020

Ahead of our IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards 2020, we asked some of Ireland’s top brow artists for their tips on how to encourage our eyebrow hairs to grow

Full, bushy eyebrows are all the rage of late, but for those of us who spent years over-plucking, full brows can be difficult to achieve.

With that in mind, we caught up with some of Ireland’s leading brow artists for their tips on how to encourage our eyebrows to grow. Here’s what they told us:

Kath Mulhall from Moxie Studio says:

“My top tips for growing your brows are super simple: the first thing you need to do is stop the home-tweezing. Even if you think you only ‘take the strays’ or ‘tidy them’, I guarantee you’re taking one or two hairs that could benefit your shape.

“Along with throwing away the tweezers, castor oil can help brows that are not overly damaged,” she says. “Use it every night for about six weeks and you will start to notice a difference.

“For brows that are more damaged,” Kath goes on, “you’ll need something a little stronger and pricier, like Revitalash. Once again, use the same as you would the castor oil and you will notice huge growth. Consistency is key.”

Elaine McParland from Up To My Eyes adds:

“Being in the brow business for over 10 years now, I can assure you I have personally tried many, many different eyebrow hair growth serums and stocked products from suppliers that I believed in at the time. All that changed, however, when I discovered Revitabrow Advanced Conditioner, the sister of the extremely popular Revitalash. This product is amazing,” she says. “If there are any hair follicles there at all, this will ensure they grow thicker and longer; and in a relatively short time, clients are seeing the results. I recently saw it selling for only €58 online… that is a super buy!”

Suzanne Hourigan from The Brow Boss says:

“If you would really like your brows to grow, I recommend having a consultation with a brow artist. Most consultations are free and by doing this they can figure out the best way for you to help your brows grow by assessing the texture of your hairs, seeing your skin type and understanding whether you are trying to grow them out from over plucking/waxing or simply trying to encourage fuller stronger hairs throughout your brows. This way you can create a six-month plan based on your individual brows and desired result.

“Generally, for my clients who would like to encourage further growth from sparse areas or strengthen hairs that are already there, I recommend castor oil (available in most pharmacies) is applied at night,” she says. “This can increase the circulation in the area, therefore encouraging growth.

“For clients who have been over plucking for long periods of time, I normally recommend a booster to get the growth back in action, i.e. keratin stimulation. My go-to is the Peptide Brow and Lash Serum by Kelley Baker Brows.

“With all this said,” Suzanne adds, “the first step for anyone wanting fuller brows fast, is to step away from the tweezers.”

Noella Geoghegan from the Glow Clinic agrees:

“First of all, put down the tweezers,” she says. “Next, I would find a brow artist whose work you like and book in for a consultation and start attending them every four-six weeks.

“Then I would invest in a brow growth serum. I have three go-to growth serums that I recommend: Rapid Brow, iGlow and Revita Brow. These have been tried and tested by myself and many clients over the last few years. When used consistently over a period of time, I have always noticed a difference in my own and my clients’ brows.”

Aniela Korabinska from Eyebrow Recovery disagrees, saying: 

“I wish I could tell you to use some castor oil and they will grow but I just haven’t found it works.

“There are many eyelash and eyebrow stimulating products on the market but I am concerned about their long-term effects. As a permanent make-up tattoo artist, I have to worry about the implications of the skin. Clients using these products have to be off them for two months before I will tattoo them. These products can cause hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and excessive bleeding.

“If you want bushier brows,” she says, “throw away your tweezers, get a good brow soap and go wild (or get them tattooed!).”

The beauty experts mentioned above are just some of our very talented nominees in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards. Voting is now open here. Voting ends at midnight, Friday March 6. For voting terms and conditions, click here.

IMAGE BOB 2020 will kick off at 6:30 pm with a cocktail reception on Sunday, March 15, at the Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road in Dublin 4.  Early bird tickets are available here at €191 including VAT for a limited time. Tables of 10 and 12 guests are available. 

Feature photo: Lucy Hale via Instagram

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