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Celebrities are making drastic changes to their hair in lockdown and we’re so tempted to join them

by Megan Burns
21st Apr 2020

With celebrities including Bella Hadid,  Rosaliá and Dua Lipa experimenting with their hair, we’re getting even more tempted to have a go ourselves. 

While the hairdressers of the world are trying their best to dissuade us (and we know, deep down, that they’re right), there’s something about lockdown that has us sorely tempted to try something completely different with our hair.

Maybe it’s just the sheer boredom, or the idea of taking control or transforming ourselves, but our precious locks have never been in such danger from a dodgy DIY dye-job or scissors wielded in inexperienced hands. While objectively we may know that we shouldn’t cut ourselves a fringe or suddenly bleach our hair, the long days of self-isolation still make it seem appealing.

It seems we’re not alone, as several celebrities have taken the plunge into DIY hair transformations. Bella Hadid showed off a new fringe she cut herself on her Instagram stories, and the result has strong noughties vibes.

celebrities' DIY hair changes

Along with every other girl in my secondary school, I sported this exact fringe around the age of 15, and although Bella definitely pulls it off better than me, it’s still too soon for me to get on board with this style. Bella seemed pleased with her efforts though, and even gave her friend she’s isolating with a similar chop.

Dua Lipa also has had some fun experimenting with her hair, dyeing a strip of it pink with the help of boyfriend Anwar Hadid (clearly the Hadids share a lax attitude to hair experimentation). She writes that it was “this week’s experiment” in quarantine, and also shares a picture of the dyeing process. If you are tempted to follow in Dua Lipa’s footsteps, we would definitely recommend her route of getting a DIY dye buddy to make sure you don’t miss any patches, especially at the back of your head.

Rosaliá has also taken the plunge in cutting her own fringe, showing off a new blunt style on Instagram. She confirmed on Twitter that it was her own handiwork, and we have to say, she’s done a pretty impressive job of getting it straight, but not too heavy, keeping it nice and wispy at the edges.

Although we love to follow the lead of celebrities, it’s important to remind ourselves they all have a) the bone structure to carry off anything and b) the best hairdressers at their disposal to fix any disasters once this is all over. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway, as I scroll through ‘best fringe styles’ on Pinterest.

Featured image: @bellahadid and @dualipa

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