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Business of Beauty Interview: Darren Kennedy

by Ellie Balfe
16th Mar 2015

Ahead of the Business of Beauty Awards, in association with Beverly Hills Formula, on Sunday we spoke to host Darren Kennedy about his beauty regimes and more.

What is your skincare regime?

I don’t have a regime per se, I just like to mix it up and try out new things. I have good and bad weeks. On a good week, I’ll use an exfoliator. On not so good weeks, I’ll just slap on whatever moisturiser is closest to hand. I’m on planes so much these days and it does try out your skin. So even though I don’t have a regular skincare regime I do try to treat myself to a facial from time to time. It’s great for the skin and I find it a great way to unwind and it’s one of the only times in the day when I can’t reach for my phone!

Your desert island, ‘cannot be without’ product?

It’s a toss up between some Kiehl’s Energizer facial fuel with SPF 15 (naturally!) or a bottle of Tom Ford Azure Lime from his Private Blend collection. I don’t care where I am, I at least want to smell good!

Have you ever met/interviewed any supermodels? What were they like?

I’ve met a few including Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy (who is by far the better looking sister if you asked me). I also interviewed Jourdan Dunn backstage at the Topshop show during London Fashion Week. She was great craic, really natural and very down to earth. Oh, and STUNNING in the flesh!

What about hair… tell us how you do your do?

Funny you should ask that…I’m about to launch my Youtube Channel ( and I’ve just filmed a video showing exactly how easy it is. In a nutshell, clean hair, a small amount of VO5 wax putty and bobs your uncle! #QuiffWatch

Beards – have they had their day?

YES, YES, YES!!! 2015 will be the death of the beard.

In terms of hair and make-up, what makes a woman?

Less is more without a doubt. Never underestimate the power of a strong lip and I love a women with long, luscious locks. It really bugs me when a women reaches a certain age and feels the need to crop her hair. A woman’s hair is a powerful thing!

Who are your grooming crack squad?

Oh, how I’d love to actually have a grooming crack squad!!! 🙂 Well, I recently had an Elemis facial in the Grooming Rooms on South Wicklow Street which was sheer bliss and my skin was glowing for about a week afterwards. Hyde Grooming do a great massage and Kiehl’s is always in my travel bag. When it comes to hair, there’s only one man I’ll let near my thatch and that’s Christian Shannon in Brown Sugar. My hair grows like grass so I’m in with him every 10 to 14 days for a tidy up. Otherwise I’m very low’maintenance!

Your favourite hangover cure?

The Cajun chicken with guacamole at Noshington on South Circle Road. It comes served on chunky granary bread with home-made slaw and fries. If I’m being really bad, I’ll ask for a sausage on the side!

Voting for BOB is now closed but you can still purchase tickets for the event on our dedicated Business of Beauty Awards page.