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5 things to know about the new Dyson Corrale straightener

by Holly O'Neill
10th Mar 2020

Meet Dyson’s newest hair solving technology: the Corrale straightener.

It’s been four years since Dyson reinvented the hairdryer with the Supersonic and a year and a half since they made perfect waves simple for even the most unskilled of hands with the Airwrap. Today, Dyson have once again re-engineered, reinvented and improved upon another hair staple, this time with, drum roll please… the Dyson Corrale straightener. It’s a straightener as you know it and love it, except with hair health as the focus and entirely better in every way. 

So what can £25 million worth of investment, seven years of development and thousands of hair scientists, engineers and professionals create to make you spend €499 on a straightener? Here are five things to know about the new Dyson Corrale straightener, available from Tuesday, March 10.

Dyson have reinvented how a straightener works, meaning less damage and glossier hair. 

Straightening hair requires a combination of heat, tension and control. Heat is needed to break the hydrogen bonds in the hair, and tension and compression is required to reshape the bonds and control to apply the heat and tension evenly. “Since we first started developing the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, we have continued to explore the science of style, seeking to understand what makes hair smooth, shiny and glossy, and what makes it dull, damaged and lifeless,” says James Dyson, Dyson’s founder and chief engineer. “We have been worried about the style results and heat damage from flat plate straighteners. Flat hair irons apply tension and heat only on the thickest part of the hair tress, the strands at the edges are not clamped, leaving them slack, unheated and leaving flyaways. It requires multiple passes on the same section of hair tress to give an even look, by which time excess heat may have caused reduced strength and less gloss. We discovered that if the plates could conform to the precise profile of the tress, then with each pass we could apply the correct tension to all the hair strands. This means that we get an enhanced style and without excessive heat damage.” So how do you get the plates in a hair straightener to conform to the hair? Well, with an extraordinary pioneering technology known as…

Corralling plate technology, which reduces the reliance on heat. 

The Dyson Corrale straightener uses patented Dyson flexing plates (fun fact: Dyson has 10,551 patents and patents pending globally)  that shape to gather hair, delivering enhanced styling. Now bear with me for the science bit: Dyson has developed a complex manganese copper alloy plate, featuring a carefully balanced amalgamation of six metals to provide the optimum flexibility, strength and thermal conduction. Each plate is 65 microns – the width of a human hair – and tourmaline edged, meaning you’ll have less static when you straighten your hair.  “We simply do not need the heat that others apply,” says James Dyson. “We engineered unique flexing plates of magnesium copper, wired eroded to a precise accuracy of 65 microns to adapt to the shape of the hair tress. The copper plates wrap around the tress, applying even heat and tension to all the hair strands, keeping them aligned. The Dyson Corrale straightener elevates styling results, while dramatically reducing the heat damage on hair.” These flexing plates have 15 micro hinged facets per plate that flex, adapt and mould to shape and gather the hair, meaning greater control, better results and less heat. As the plates adapt to the hair, they apply tension more evenly and stop strands splaying, plus they reduce damage by a whopping 50%.  These flexing plates are not the only factor reducing damage, there is also…

Intelligent Heat Control, which measures the temperature 100 times a second. 

The Corrale has three precise heat settings – 165°C, 185°C and 210°C which you can tailor to suit your hair type and style. Combined with the increased control provided by the flexing plates, you can style at lower temperatures without compromising on the results. Dyson hair scientists found that although temperature settings are present across the majority of conventional straighteners, the real time temperature being delivered from the plates can fluctuate significantly as the elements within the straightener respond to power source. Like the Supersonic Airwrap, the Corrale straightener features Intelligent Heat Control technology, where, with a platinum sensor, the temperature is measured 100 times a second. This technology communicates with a microprocessor which in turn controls the heating system delivering precise, accurate heat.

This is a cordless straightener. 

Need to top up your fringe after getting caught in the rain? Want to leave your straightener in the car so you can top up your hair on the go? From development of Dyson’s cord-free vacuum cleaners, the same battery technology that has informed the cord-free capabilities of the Corrale straightener, meaning you can get same heat performance and style anywhere, anytime. The Corrale comes with a flight mode feature so it can travel safely in your cabin luggage, it charges in 70 minutes and gives 30 minutes cord-free styling. An ergonomic charging dock also works as a holster to use between styling, plus there is also a magnetic 360° charging cable that provides a hybrid charge mode for longer styling sessions. No more twirling the hair straightener around your head trying to get the wire at the right angle to do the back of your head without scalding yourself. 

A lot of science has gone into the creation of the Corrale.

Dyson have invested £25m million in the development of the Dyson Corrale straightener, including £100m investment made to their state of the art Hair Laboratories globally, dedicated to research, design, development and investigating the science of hair from root to tip – how it reacts to stresses, how to keep it healthy and how to style it. With over seven years of development on the Corrale straightener alone, Dyson has tested over 600 hours of user trials with 800 real users in five countries. Industry-leading stylists Jen Atkin, Larry King and Ireland’s own Dylan Bradshaw assisted engineers is the creation of the Corrale, meaning with real intelligence from both industry and consumers, Dyson explored a breadth of hair textures, different style desires, tool desires and demands and hair challenges in general, to give us the gift of elevated styling results across a range of styles – from straight to perfect curls and plenty of styles in between – with less heat and therefore causing less damage.

The Dyson Corrale, €499, is available to buy in Dundrum Town Centre, Swords Pavilions, Liffey Valley and Stephen’s Green now. Run, don’t walk. 

Photography by Dyson.

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