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#MindYourself: Our reader recommendations for minding yourself this month

by Lauren Heskin
23rd Jan 2021

Our social media poll revealed what things, big and small, you are doing to #MindYourself this month and there are some great (and simple) ideas in there.

This month has been incredibly tough on us all. Someone us are mourning, others are worrying and all of us are missing one another. Despite so many of us feeling the shared impact of this pandemic, it has been an incredibly isolating experience.

As we live, work and fret in our little bubbles, we have no one but ourselves to help manage our moods and lift our spirits. It’s a heavy load for many of us and the monotony of the days grows ever more tiresome.

And it seems, after asking you all what you’re doing to #MindYourself this January, you are focused on doing one or two things and doing them well. There were no long lists of New Year’s resolution-like wishes, this time of slowness has afforded us all to really tune into the nitty-gritty of what we need.

Your #MindYourself ideas

Many of you had focused on exercising – not necessarily working up a sweat or investing in a home gym, but just getting outdoors, breathing the fresh air, taking a stroll. Some of you are still braving the chilly waters for a “quick dip”. Others are out for some sea air.

Others are capitalising on the lack of a commute, and rather than using it to gain a few more minutes’ sleep (although this would also qualify as minding yourself) you’re putting it into something else. You’re getting stuck into a smoothie-making morning routine and taking a cup of coffee for a walk around the block before setting up in front of the computer screen.

You’ve picked up long-forgotten knitting needles and paintbrushes again, and something that’s taken the IMAGE team by surprise is the number of people who have started journaling. As one reader put it, journaling means “less ranting to other people”.

You’re making an effort with your food as well, from meal-planning systems to testing out new recipes and ingredients. Alcohol was also a frequent mention, some of you are cutting it out of your week and others are making it a special occasion with a weekly Friday cocktail.

Sometimes it’s as simple as stepping out of the pyjamas. Making a commitment to get dressed every morning is helping many of you put some manners on the day, and treating yourselves to some styled hair every once in a while is lifting your mood. Beauty is also a major form of self-kindness for you all, with some of you admitting to packing on the self-care with a “dangerous amount of skincare”.

Ultimately, the biggest lesson from the many, many responses we received, minding yourself is about doing what makes you happy right now. Forget about working out to please your mythical future self or dwelling on past mistakes, one reader put it best, “Find something you love to do”.

We only have ourselves to look after us right now, so why not do all that you can for you. And remember to be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

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