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8 ways to turn your home into a gym without spending a cent

by Freya Drohan
26th Oct 2020

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a woman using her sofa as an at-home leg press 

When it comes to your current fitness regime, you’re likely to fall into one of two distinct and extreme camps. Those whose only cardiovascular activity is vigorously reaching into the snack cupboard, and those who are seemingly taking this imposed downtime to get ‘prison ripped’.

Instagrammers confined indoors are getting real inventive, real quick: turning to everything from furniture to fiancés to keep their workouts interesting.

Case in point:

No boyfriend? No problem.

Turns out, with gyms and fitness studios closed, we can make do just fine. My own roommate has taken to sprinting the stairs of the apartment building in intervals (like a true glutton for punishment), while other folks are utilising cans of beans as makeshift dumbbells.

It goes without saying that there are countless fitness modalities you can stream right now from the safe surroundings of your living room too, or maybe you were in the camp who had taken to solo outdoor running/hiking to stop cabin fever setting in during the earlier weeks of March.

As someone who has frequented the type of ’boutique’ New York City workout studios that infamously charge up to $40 for 45-minutes of sweating, I’m enjoying the opportunity to save a buck while trying to maintain some semblance of strength and fitness.

Here are tried-and-true broke girl 101 hacks learned over the years that are coming in pretty handy right now:

Use towels as sliders

Take an Instagram Live class (and support your favourite trainers)

Perfect your pushup form 

Use chairs to work your glutes

Do a bodyweight workout

Go old school

Amp up leg day with a pair of socks

Fire up your core in just five minutes

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