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How to make Ireland’s ten most Googled recipes of 2020

by Holly O'Neill
10th Dec 2020

How many of these recipes did you Google this year?

What did you bake this year that you might not have been interested in baking before the phrase “unprecedented times” became tattooed onto your brain?

Google have released their 2020 Year in Search, and no surprise, it’s riddled with tutorials on how to cut men’s hair, searches about the American election, Normal People fever and more.

Surprisingly, searches for banana bread and whipped coffee didn’t make the cut of our top ten most Googled recipes. There were, however, a whole lot of comfort food searches for bread and cakes.

Here’s what recipes we were Googling this year;

  1. Brown bread recipe
  2. Scones recipe
  3. Pizza dough recipe
  4. Apple tart recipe
  5. Soda bread recipe
  6. Strawberry daiquiri recipe
  7. Chicken recipes
  8. Carrot cake recipe
  9. Margarita recipe
  10. Chocolate cake recipe

Scroll down to find out how to make all of Ireland’s most Googled recipes of 2020.


Brown Bread and soda bread

Coming in at number one in our most Googled recipes is the comfort of homemade brown bread. Try out this delicious Guinness bread rendition or Bord Bia’s traditional brown soda bread.


There’s very little more pacifying than a scone layered with dollops of jam and cream; if you like a buttery scone, try this Kerrygold recipe.

Pizza dough 

Courtesy of the book Pizza de Luxe by Stefano Manfredi, we have the recipe for a simple, quick and perfect pizza dough recipe made by the majority of pizza makers.

Apple tart recipe

Looking for an easy apple tart recipe? IMAGE deputy editor Megan Burns recommends the Bon Appétit’s fall fruit galette. “They are the perfect way to achieve the deliciousness of your favourite fruit pie, but without the effort of neatly forming it in a tin. They work with almost any fruit filling (add cornflour for softer fruits), and always look ‘rustic’ rather than messy, no mater how slapdash your pastry skills are.”

Chocolate cake recipe

If you’re looking for a Christmas recipe, try this easy recipe for a chocolate Swiss roll that the kids can help you decorate, or this chocolate orange gingerbread loaf that tastes like Christmas in a tin.

Carrot cake recipe

For a festive bite-size dessert addition to your Christmas table, when you’re really a bit too full for dessert anyway, try these carrot cake balls extracted from Bliss Bites by Kate Bradley. The prep takes just 10 minutes.


Strawberry daiquiris and Margaritas

For daiquiris, you can’t beat the GastroGays’ frozen strawberry and black pepper recipe, but if you’re making cocktails for Christmas day, check out this Gingerbread Daquiri recipe. As for margaritas, when we spoke to Darren Kennedy earlier this year, he told us he’d been working on an Instagram Live series Cocktail Time, long before anyone had heard of the QuaranTucci. Check out his Spicy Margarita tutorial here.

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Chicken recipes

At number seven, Ireland’s most Googled dinner recipe was ‘chicken recipes’, and the only one of the list not related to cocktails, bread or dessert. Were we looking to change up from boring dinners while stuck at home? To opt for something a little different, like buttermilk chicken rolls, paella, dumplings, honey and balsamic-glazed thighs, goulash and more, check out these 12 tasty chicken dinner recipes.

Photography by Next.

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