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10 of the scariest watches on Netflix and Amazon Prime for Halloween

by Erin Lindsay
27th Oct 2020

As if 2020 wasn’t scary enough

Parties are off, dressing up is a drag, and trick or treating is so last (and hopefully next) year. You’ve got to admit, it’s slim pickings for Halloween celebrations this year. But if a movie night if what you’re after – and let’s face it, it’s all you’re going to get – Netflix and Amazon Prime have got some pretty great options to give you a scare for this year’s fright night.

Whether it’s disturbing psychological horror, good old-fashioned jump scares or something entirely different, there are plenty of flicks available for whatever tickles your fancy. Get the popcorn in, and let these guys provide the scares.

Hereditary (Netflix)

The first offering from modern horror extraordinaire Ari Aster, Hereditary is one for all the folks with family issues.

The Shining (Amazon Prime)

Heeeeere’s Johnny may be a funny catchphrase now, but when you see it in action, it’s no laughing matter. The perfect watch for second lockdown.

Cabin in the Woods (Netflix)


Whatever I thought I expected from Cabin in the Woods, this certainly wasn’t it. Aiming to tackle cheesy teen horror stereotypes, with a great dash of humour and jump scares thrown in, this is the thinking-man’s Halloween watch.

Night of the Living Dead (Amazon Prime)

A classic for a reason, this 1968 watch is as disturbing and gory as it was fifty years ago.

Misery (Netflix)

Another Stephen King adaptation, if Stan culture on Twitter freaks you out, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Suspiria (Amazon Prime)

If a truly disturbing mind-f*ck is what you’re after, this 2018 remake of the cult classic is for you. Just make sure to leave the lights on.

The Conjuring (Netflix)

A good, old-fashioned paranormal watch, this will have you investigating every bump, creak and scratch in your house for weeks.

Midsommar (Amazon Prime)

Another Ari Aster modern classic, this disturbing watch throws out everything you think you know about horror. A scary flick with no dark corners? Sign us up.

A Quiet Place (Netflix)

A fantastic directoral debut from John Krasinski, I’ve never felt tension like seeing this in cinemas when it was released.

The Woman in Black (Amazon Prime)

Daniel Radcliffe in an all-grown-up role, this remake is the perfect Halloween scary watch, with everything from ghostly old women, haunted houses and a lot of fog to top it off.


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