You Can Now Pay For Your Online Purchases Using Selfies

It seems like our iPhones are becoming more of a necessity than a desire as more company's take advantage of our tech-addictions, but the future is here, people. If you're a Mastercard customer, then you'll be able to avail of their new feature that allows you to safely and securely pay for your online purchases by taking a selfie instead of meticulously filling out your bank details (because that took WAY too long anyway, right?).

The new Mastercard Identity Check Mobile application is going to be a quick and straightforward (ish) way to fulfill your online shopping needs - all?that's required is a thumbprint and a recognizable face; both preferably your own. Previously when making an online purchase you would be prompted to answer a set of security questions previously set by the cardholder. Now, all you need to do is point your camera at your face and?blink when prompted by the app and, like magic, your transaction is complete!

How safe will this new system be? Using face-recognition and thumbprint recognition technology means that it will be a lot trickier for credit card theft to take place (unless,?of course, someone makes a weird identical mask of your face and thumbprint), but it does make us worry about the rise in selfie-shopping addiction and late-night post-wine purchases.


The new feature is currently only available only in Europe and will be introduced worldwide in 2017. Oh iPhone, is there anything you can't do???

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