WATCH: These #ClapForOurCarers videos will make you cry

I can't remember the last time I've heard people collectively cheer. It hasn't been that long since we really began social distancing, but time before Covid-19 feels long ago. We know this will pass, and when it does, little things we once took for granted will feel much bigger. Yet as we sit cocooned, doing our bit and waiting for the virus to peak and (hopefully!) flatten its curve, there are those on the frontline – our doctors, nurses, carers, midwives – risking their lives on a daily basis to tend to the sick and save ours in the process.

It feels bigger than all of us; it must be an unimaginable weight to carry, that responsibility, that devotion to saving lives, especially when you're fighting a new and invisible virus. And so, #ClapForOurCarers was done as a way to say thank you. To stand, united with our neighbours and family and clap and cheer for those who put our lives over their own. We cheer for you, all on the frontline, and we won't ever forget all you have done when this passes.

Below is a selection of our favourite videos. They will soothe your soul and make you cry a little, too:

Kick-off in the Dáil, a pause in proceedings, before the nation followed


Even those in cars join in


At Dublin Airport

And all over London

From Windsor Castle


And some of the royal kids...

Even those with pots and pans


Celebrities trying to join in

Sounds of a city


Something to remember


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