Watch: Little Girl Mistakes Shopper For Santa And It's Adorable

For today's dose of festive cuteness, we give you a delighted little girl's reaction when she 'meets? Santa Claus himself while she's out shopping. This particular man in red did look very familiar - the trademark red clothes and snow white beard really gave the game away - and he adorably makes the littles one's day.

Robert Riley and his little daughter Sophie were doing some shopping in Walmart in Hurricane, West Virginia when Sophie spotted the familiar face and according to dad Robert (who filmed the encounter) his daughter quickly got the courage to say hello and inform him that she had been a good girl all year, and she would be leaving treats out for him (and his reindeer, of course) come Christmas Eve.

?I've been called a lot worse,? the man joked before getting down on one knee to talk to Sophie about her Christmas tree. The whole thing is utterly adorable, and we're sure Sophie's Christmas was made.

The video has gone viral since Robert posted it to Facebook and it'seems Santa goes by another name - Roger Larck, who was doing some shopping with his wife Robin, who said he grows his beard every year in preparation for the time of year.

He can't fool us, we bet he is the real Santa.


Watch it below:

Sophie found Santa at Walmart this evening. She saw him then kept sneaking up on him. She asked him if he was Santa at first and if you turn up the volume you can hear the rest. So cute and innocent. I love this!!

Posted by Robert Riley on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

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