Watch: The Best 6 Vogue '73 Questions' Videos

Much like the infamous carpool karaoke videos, Vogue's '73 Questions' series has taken on a life of its own. It's in these clips that we're given an insight into the glamorous lives of the celebrity and fashion elite as they dutifully?answer 73 questions (or as close as) from the mundane to the intriguing. The videos are clearly practiced beforehand as some answers seem over-rehearsed, the scenarios?perfectly staged (yes, we mean you, Taylor Swift and Anna Wintour), but they make for an intriguing (and addictive) watch when interviewees take it in their stride (SJP, we love thee). Did you know that Emily Ratajkowski can speak As Gaeilge? Or that Anna Wintour never carries a handbag? Or that Taylor Swift's life is much better when viewed through an Instagram filter? (Sorry, but it is). The best six clips are below, but be warned, once you watch one, you'll have to watch the others.

Derek Zoolander

The reigning king of 73 questions, Ben Stiller's alter ego Derek Zoolander is hilarious from start to finish. We get a glimpse of his winter NYC townhouse (he summers on the upstairs floors, naturally) and explains that the city's diversity is why this is his favourite place to live: ?You have really good looking people and also very attractive people.? We could go on, but he'll say it better than we ever could.

Emily Ratajkowski


Model slash actress Emily Ratajkowski may have put the more forgettable of us to shame in her interview with her immediate, and somewhat empowering, recall of the Irish language.?Ratajkowski's father, the artist John Ratajkowski, has a home in Bantry which she often frequents (while we assume?wearing Penneys? jeans) and we learn other interesting tidbits of information, such as her love for Joni Mitchell, the fact that she has a shoe pile. She's a cool gal.

Sarah Jessica Parker

She's warm, likeable and would never leave NYC voluntarily - you can't help but love SJP. Asides from the fact that her apartment is incredible (seriously, look at it) we also learn about her distaste for parsley, love of Greece, and bias of globes that glow. Oh, and she reassures us that Oprah is in fact, human. In case, you didn't know.

Anna Wintour

Not at all like her perceived icy persona, she seems to be enjoying the banter throughout the video.?All the 'staff interaction' moments are brilliantly cringey?too. Watch out for the Karlie Kloss cameo and some random person with a bag dilemma.


Taylor Swift

Was anyone else underwhelmed by this? Her apartment is the stuff from which dreams are made, her awards are EVERYWHERE, and we included it because, you know, she's Taylor Swift and her latest Vogue cover is incredible, but her answers seem half-hearted.

Victoria Beckham

She's effortlessly chic and says adorable things about her family and kids. She also lives next to Valentino and loves Prince (us too Victoria, us too). And her favourite spice? Take a wild guess...


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