Watch: Actual Things That Donald Trump Has Said About Women Will Turn Your Stomach

At this stage in the US presidential election race, more and more of us are turning our heads to the goings on in the same way that the likes of House of Cards has captured our attention. Upon first glance, his running for office and all of the outlandish things he's been quoted as saying is a source of major entertainment, especially online. But for those whom his election would directly affect (and the US presidential election affects us all to be fair, given their most powerful position when it comes to foreign policy), it's no longer laughable, it's frightening. And as Brandon Stanton so eloquently put it in his open letter to Trump via his world renowned Humans of New York page, it's no longer just about politics, it's about morals. Suddenly, those who vowed to remain apolitical and unbiased in the public sphere feel compelled to share their true concerns.

Now, another frightful anti-trump content piece has gone viral, and if this one doesn't encourage the American voters to think twice, we don't know what will. It's very simple really; it's American women reciting quotes that Trump has said over the years about women in particular. It's shocking, but it's not even remotely dramatised; these are word for word things that he's said. While we scratch our head in disbelief on this side of the pond, we're all asking the same question: really, America, is this man a viable contender for your president? Really?


Read the Human's of New York superb post here.

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