Vogue Offices Overrun With Rats

Having a bad workday? Regular trips to the kettle not helping? Might a lonely burger deal be on the lunch menu? Thinking of changing your chat status to ?can't cope?? Well, the fact that glam central, the new?Vogue offices in New York City, is overrun with rats might make you reconsider how bad your office really is.

So far the infestation is alleged - no one wants to admit to rats, ever. However, gossip site Gawker is keeping us up to date on the rodent takeover as it happens. The rats are such a problem that they've even made it into the fashion closet. In lady magazine terms this is pretty much the worst reputation you can have. In potential Pixar movie plot terms it might be kind of cute? Shoeboxes are being nibbled and droppings are being discovered around desks every morning. That is a more pressing problem than someone using your preferred porridge bowl.

The rat invasion's also a pretty embarrassing story for Vogue and its parent company Cond? Nast to be associated with. The magazine company moved operations to One World Trade Center only weeks ago - they even had a hashtag for social media, so excited were they at moving into the historic building.

In the past few days Anna Wintour has apparently issued a command that staff have to check her office is rat-free before she arrives - which, if you have ever interned, is a way worse task than fetching a latte for your manager or doing a spot of recycling.


And how are the fashionable critters sneaking in to scurry around the office of Wintour and company? It seems the air vents are to blame. And possibly Vogue itself - management asked for some last-minute design changes.


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