An Irish company has released long-lasting face masks for hairdressers

Qsafe releases fashionable face masks for hairdressers, ensuring protection and comfort with a smart silicone seal

After restrictions relax, most people’s first port of call will be the hairdressers. Some salons already have hundreds of appointments lined up with deposits in place.

But in such an intimate setting, it can be difficult to ensure safe social contact.

That’s why Qsafe has released a game-changing face mask for hairdressers that is long-lasting and comfortable.



The lightweight Respirator Face Mask is made from polycarbonate with a silicone seal around the mouth and nose, ensuring the air that is breathed in is filtered through a KN95 filter — proven highly effective against Covid-19.

The filter only needs to be replaced every five to seven days, making it a handy and cost-effective measure.

The masks come in black, white or pink and don’t muddle conversation. They are fairly easy to talk in and don’t fog up glasses like a lot of other options do.

face masks

“The Qsafe mask offers the wearer peace of mind that they are protected from particulates and airborne water droplets (over 97.5% for PM2.5),” said Dermot Malone, Director of Qsafe. 


“And, in turn, if worn in a customer service environment, can offer peace of mind to your customers that precautions are being taken to ensure that they are safe too.”

Masks are €97.17 on Qsafe, and come with a two week’s supply of KN95 filters. After that, replacement filters cost €19.50 for a pack of five which lasts five weeks.

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