Take A #Brexit Breather - 5 Ways To Feel Better

You've probably heard all the #Brexit woes you can bear at this point, and you may just need some cheering up. So here are five things that we love that we hope will take your mind off it - if only for a short time.

Read A Favourite Quote

In times of strife, the written word can uplift and soothe the soul. This quote - the opening line from The Go Between by L P Hartley ?- is our favourite today.

The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there

Watch Barack Obama "Slow Jam" The News:


Behold seven epic minutes of Barack Obama being undeniably hip and cool "slow-jamming" the news with Jimmy Fallon. What a guy. His Presidency is almost over and oh how we'll miss him.

Or This Adorable Short Film:

This Pixar short,?The Blue Umbrella plays on a classic theme - the simple desire for companionship - as well as our tendency to see faces in everyday objects. The combination of the two makes for an incredibly cute short that takes your heart on a journey, and will definitely make you happy.

Shop (Using Sterling):

Because something good has to come of all this. ?The British pound is getting crushed; once the referendum result was announced, it dipped to its lowest point since 1985 and while that's not good news for the economy, it means you get serious value for your euro to sterling conversion, so get out there and bag a bargain?while you can.


Read This (Brilliant) Lenny Letter:


The indie rock star Beth Ditto shared what inspired her mission to change plus size fashion forever in an empowering Q&A for Lenny and her quotes are all sorts of brilliant. "I have no choice but to be authentic. I can't be anything else. You just got to do what you got to do. The world is so fucking sexist. It's so gross. It's racist and hateful. If you're any kind of thing but straight, white, and male, you are going to have a really, really big chunk of scrutiny." Read the full interview HERE

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